We’re shedding paper like a second skin in favor of digital versions of the same content, but in the gaming arena there’s still a place for collectible cards. BANDAI is the latest creator intent on pairing “AR cards” with a digital game. At the 2011 Tokyo Toy Fair the studio is showing off a sharp marriage of the two that looks to stir anime enthusiasts.

We’re not sure on the name of the game because modern Internet translation software is notoriously fickle with brands, but the pictures from the event do enough talking. In this particular title, BANDAI is harnessing the back-facing camera of the iPhone to connect with cards from the popular mangas “One Piece” and “Kamen Rider.”

Once the pairing is complete between multiple cards and one phone, users can then battle digital versions of these cards via an application. There’s also a ‘mission’ element to the design as well, though it appears as if a demonstration of that was absent from the event.

A separate source tells us that the “first” series of these games will be available by the end of next month in Japan. We’re also advised that these cards can be used with other games and on other devices and are quite popular in the region.

Of course, this isn’t a new thing -- cards and games have been talking to each other since cameras started being introduced to handhelds and consoles, but it’s neat to see this kind of technology being used with iOS devices.

The Nintendo 3DS recently launched with a set of AR Cards that are host to a swathe of different mini-games. Because of the lack of quality 3-D experiences on the handheld, the cards are the de facto demonstration pieces for the two-screen device’s technology.

[Via HobbyMedia.it]

  • Anonymous


    But yeah, would love to see Ganbaride over here sometime in the future.

  • Kevin CFY

    Having been to several 3DS events, I don't see how that last paragraph is true. So much for impartial reporting!

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Nintendo loves showing off its AR cards to the press like it's something we've never seen before.

      • thewiirocks

        They love showing them off because it's Augmented Reality *in 3D*. That is something we've never seen before. Doing Augmented Reality on the 3DS is almost like Hyper-Reality. 

        While I'll grant you at the end of the day it's all just a little bit gimmicky, suggesting that the console has a poor 3D experience just because their really proud of their AR tech is nothing short of disingenuous. How would you like it if the iPhone was called a "sub-standard 2D gaming experience" just because you really like to keep telling people about Sword and Sorcery? 

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        I wouldn't take personal offense to that.

      • thewiirocks

        Allow me to rephrase then: Would you find a statement of the iPhone having a sub-standard 2D gaming experience to be a true and accurate statement? Would you therefore lend any credence to the source making the claim?

        Making unfounded digs against competitors does no favors to TouchArcade or your own reputation as a journalist.

      • Sloth_machine

        Agreed, the last paragraph is very biased.  I've been visiting TouchArcade for about a year and a half. Lately whenever I visit, I will read a article or paragraph that takes a jab at the 3DS.  It comes off more as jealousy and unprofessionalism, that journalism. The 3DS has only been out for less than 3 months, so of course the lack of quality experiences are low. How was the App Store in it's first 3 months?  In a years time, the 3DS will have plenty of quality 3D experiences. Just as the App Store has plenty of quality gaming
        How about comparing iOS to other mobile phone gaming devices and their app stores?

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