Bumpy Road [$2.99] is a great game for a lot of reasons. Its art, sound, and controls fit snuggly together, establishing it as one of the most complete, whole, and well-refined games that we've taken a look at recently. And while there’s a bunch to do in the game, there’s even more as of now. A free update to the innovative physics-based platform game has been pushed out, adding 100 new level segments, the “gruesome and sneaky Break Gizmo,” and two new tracks for the “Classic Sunday Trip.”

Complimenting this, of course, are five new Game Center achievements, and some new leaderboards, which round out the experience nicely.

On the technical side -- what’s an update without a band-aid -- developer Simogo has tweaked the title so its start-up loading is faster. On the game’s blog, Simog reckons that it’s now “three times faster.” Good. I don’t like waiting.

Definitely give Bumpy Road a shot if you’re looking for a new game. As I referenced earlier, we do have a review for the title. Catch it!

  • Anonymous

    This is one of my favorite games for iOS devices. I've had it since day one- and while I haven't gotten a chance to try the update, I'm sure it'll make this already great title even more of a blast.

    Give this one a shot if you haven't played it yet.

  • Caanerud

    I've spent over 4 hours with it since launch, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

    Update #2 looks to be massive as well.

    • Den Nöjda

      8 hours, 250000 distance and I'm loving it more and more!

      It's a little, yet extremly well designed (not only graphically!) and polished game.

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    Hmm.. So I've been playing this.. there's like 2 levels eh? Seems like a waste of a great idea

    • Den Nöjda

      It's not quite 2 levels. It's 2 types of game (one with three variations) that are build with a lot of pre-defined elements that appear randomly. They get harder with time though and the car is also a little faster, but never in Cannabalt or Monster Dash style.

      It's more than worth to try.

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    very good web,believe you will love it.

  • User Friendly

    This game deserves much more love than it gets!