In this week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show, we discuss my favorite topic: me. We also take the time to jaw about a bunch of delightful new games and other topics ranging from the use of Discover card in courthouses to serious stuff like the pointlessness of geo-centric MMO games in the US and Gameloft’s Unreal Engine announcement.

Give us a listen just below with your favorite streaming-capable device, or hey, click the subscribe button on our podcast on iTunes. Provided plans move forward, we’ll be on the Zune Marketplace soon, too, so get ready people.


Now, for the show notes and a special message to our first-rate podcast responders:



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  • Dave

    Great show!

    By the way, could you please review SEGA's brand new title "Gen-pei Taisen Emaki" which was released at Japanese App Store several days ago?

    Gameplay movie hereunder

  • Anonymous

    Why would a site that covers iOS games be on the Zune marketplace? Isn't it safe to assume most people here would have an iDevice to listen on?

    • Royce

      The dozens of Zune owners out there deserve to know what they're missing 😉

  • TommyJr

    Can you please provide a direct download link as I can't find it in iTunes even on my us account

    • TouchGamePlay

      You are Right. A direct Downloaded Link would be Cool.

  • Jonathan Downin

    Nice work guys. It's nice to hear a show completely dedicated to iOS gaming. The speculation section on WWDC and E3 was great. I hope that this is the year that we finally see some big iOS reveals at E3 from big publishers.

  • KiwiAcer

    Enjoying the podcast.  Thanks.

  • Prab

    The media file does not appear in the podcast RSS feed:

  • TouchGamePlay

    Guys you are getting Better and Better and thanks for getting rid of those Background Noise that were in the first Podcast.

  • Dave

    I can't wait for the E3 coverage in the next podcast. Especially more details about ambitious iOS titles such as 9mm, March of Heroes, Silent Ops by Gameloft, Shadowgun by Madfingers and a secret title yet to be announced by EA.

  • Bmoods155

    Good geocentric rpg: Parallel Kingdom. Boom. Errbody gotta play it now.

  • funkyvisions

    Won't download in Instacast for some reason.

  • P Allen

    Another instacast user no luck here either but I did have a look at itunes but last podcast seems to be 27th of may so I guess that isn't this one.


    The swearning in unneeded and anoying...hard to play this at work with the first opening sentence. I enjoy the episodes but they still seem juvenile and crass with their language.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Genuinely curious- Why wouldn't you be listening with headphones if you're listening to a podcast at work?

      • funkyvisions

        I never use headphones.  But then again I have an office with a door and everything. 🙂

    • Huy Ngo

      Didn't catch the host's name, but I do agree that his random F-bombs were kind of a turn off at work or not.  I'm far from a prude, but the swearing is just way out of context for an interview type setting.  Otherwise it was overall a good show.  There is definitely a disparity in energy levels between the host and you guys, just need some more experience and sounds like you got a good podcast.

  • Macaroon

    Just curious, what audio widget are you using for your Podcasts?

  • Matthew Keith

    Okay episode 2 is not showing up in itunes episode one is their but two isn't

  • funkyvisions

    iTunes link broken if anyone is reading this that can fix it

  • Thumpermat

    I've been trying to download the latest podcast, but it doesn't appear in itunes. Last week's podcast is there though.

  • Garrik206

    Itunes link still isn't fixed =

  • Tina Aspiala

    There is a way to "beam" into where the action is in ShadowCities, but I guess you guys didn't find it. (the instructions are not the best part of that game, it's true.) Eg if nothing is going on around you, you can go to the big map overview, look around for beacons further away, and "fly" there. You have to make friends with someone in another city (via chat) first though.