Man, that was fast. Just earlier this month, word spread that Monster Hunter was coming to the App Store. Tonight at 11PM EST, said game will hit in the US for the first time. It's available in New Zealand now.

As the proper name implies, Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting is a pared down experience, but not one that neglects the series’ roots. In a nutshell, Hunting is all about the sweet science of bringing down monsters -- the bread and butter of the franchise. You’ll also be able to collect elements from these monsters that can be crafted into armor and weapons, which is another super important part of the Monster Hunter formula.

To be more specific on the latter note, Dynamic Hunting will feature three different types of weapons -- ‘Sword and Shield,’ ‘Great Sword,’ and ‘Dual Sword’ -- that can be turned on their heads in about 40 different ways. There are also 13 different types of armor that you can make or, possibly, customize further.

How the battles themselves feel I can’t speak to just yet -- a review is forthcoming, when the game hits the US. But, Capcom has stated the basics. When faced with a foe, you’ll be able to ‘attack,’ flick to do a fast attack, evade, counter attack, and guard. Here's a video of it in action.

If you ask me, it sounds like Capcom took some notes from Chair Entertainment which is a welcome change from previous efforts of theirs.

Looking forward to Dynamic Hunting? We are, too. The cool thing is that the wait isn’t long, nor should the one be for our first impressions. Stay tuned, folks, and keep those claw fingers nimble just in case.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't really seem like the bread and butter of the series to me, even just looking at the combat alone there are about a bazillion missing options/features.

  • DotComCTO


    A couple of corrections for you:

    " a paired down experience" should be, " a pared down experience".

    Also, I'm not sure you meant to write, "...sure as sure when the game hits the US." Perhaps you may just want to drop, "sure as sure" altogether?  😀

  • Adam2046

    Monster Hunter is a superbly crafted Action RPG series.
    This is...a cheap looking knockoff of Infinity Blade using Monster Hunter assets.
    Still, looks like it has multiplayer since I think the option he chose in the video was solo play.

  • Cyberpyrot

    Looks like a dumbed down battle sequence no world explore just fight after fight where is the hunt aspect? Whats the point ? It looks like street fighter with monsters.

  • philip allen

    Looks really poor compared with the PSP and other versions the monster is hardly doing anything at all in the viideo and everything just looks bad. Without the depth I fail to see any point their just damaging their brand yet again.

  • Mike

    I'm disappointed they didn't make a full on version of Monster Hunter. I'm sure most of the fans would agree... There doesn't seem to be any hunting or exploring involved, and Infinity Blade already does the sword fighting game thing better.

  • Huy Ngo

    I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I know this is probably going to be a terrible app.  Yet is Capcom using this to test the water for the iOS market?  If I buy this will it tell Capcom that I want the full Monster Hunter experience on the iOS?  Or will it tell them that I'm a moron for purchasing this and then they'll make more games like this to follow...... WHAT TO DO?!!

    • Klouud

      hold off on purchasing until a $0.99 sale or a massive update that adds exploration and chasing down monsters.

  • gee

    i hope you can switch the controls to a d-pad, the controls on the video looks retarded.

  • fhgjg


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