NaturalMotion Games has unveiled their newest iOS offering called Icebreaker Hockey. Picture NaturalMotion’s highly successful arcade-style football game Backbreaker 2: Vengeance [99¢] and apply it to ice hockey, and you have a pretty good idea what to expect from Icebreaker Hockey.

Players will race down the ice towards the net from a third person perspective, avoiding hits from opposing players using deke and spin maneuvers in an effort to get a clean shot on goal. This arcade-style of gameplay worked really well in the Backbreaker series on iOS, and seems like a natural fit for the sport of ice hockey.

Here’s a set of screenshots from Icebreaker Hockey which is looking quite impressive:

The game is being developed by Digital Legends Entertainment and published by NaturalMotion, and will also use their advanced “morpheme” animation engine to provide smooth and realistic animations to the players in the game. Icebreaker Hockey will come with 2 different modes to play across 3 difficulty levels, and will use Game Center integration for achievements and leaderboards.

Icebreaker Hockey is scheduled to hit the App Store on June 2nd at a price of $2.99. Members in our forums correctly speculated way back in October that we’d be seeing Icebreaker Hockey on iOS, and now it’s actually official. We’ll be sure to check out Icebreaker Hockey when it releases next week.

  • Igoo Herculoid

    Will this be universal? I'm still not sure I understand why Backbreaker 1 was, and Backbreaker 2 was not.

  • Garrett

    So what's going to be the difference between this and NHL 2k11?

  • Cristiano Fernandez

    If there is something I look forward in an iphone game its the graphics.  This game stands out.  I will get this game.  Other game that stands out in the graphics section is CHUPACABRA, check it out on itunes.

  • Co-Owner Bryan

    Looks great, if it plays as good as it looks we will be in business!

  • Anonymous

    I own backbreaker and it's extremely stupid.

    So, because of that, I won't be buying this game. I already have over 60 paid apps and so I'm completely ok with waiting until this fall for new apps when we get the new round of 3d games, such as Modern Combat 3.