A one-man games development guru has decided, with the visual might of the Unreal Development Kit, to add a new dimension to Crush the Castle [$.99] catapult games. I’m not talking about time, here; nah, I’m talking about 3D.

It’s a good idea, and if plans stay firm, you’ll be able to check out what “Archer X” is coming up with a little later this month or in June. So far, he’s drained two months into the project and is looking for some feedback based on the video embedded just below.

The game you’re seeing is called “Bizango Blast” and there are a few twists that separate it from its influencers. First, and most important of all, is the catapult. As of right now, it appears as though you’ll be locked into a singular perspective before firing -- one that will require you to fire your balls of tower-death into specific weak slabs or points of interests in order to wreak havoc within and outside objects.

Another thing we’re noticing in the footage is the focus on non-destruction. In Angry Birds [$.99 / Lite / HD], the object is kill pigs nestled within the game’s obstructions. With this, the goal is to avoid cracking eggs that are dropped into various locations inside or outside the various structures you’ll be destroying.

There’s still some work to go, but Bizango is looking radical so far. It certainly has a cool visual style and, hey, the promise of power-ups is always a plus in our books.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one, for sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andy-Poes/5519474 Andy Poes

     where's crescent moon when you need them?

    • http://twitter.com/DaKleine Mark

      This game is made with Unreal, not Unity. Wrong boat. 

  • http://twitter.com/Gizmoman0 MJ

     I was literally laying in bed this morning wishing for a game like this. Unreal

    • http://www.bizangoblast.com Archerx

      I'm in your dreams!

  • Minidragon123

    Angry Birds in 3D exists already. Its called Boom Blox.

    • Anonymous

      Boom Blox is so much better than Angry Birds...

  • Briker Ed

     Why does everything got to have a black outline and have overall dark muddy textures? :/ 

    • http://www.bizangoblast.com Archerx

      Don't worry, I've been revamping the graphics so the lines have been thinned and the textures are cleaner.

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    Played Angry Birds for 2 mins, then deleted it. Such better games on the App Store. It doesn't even warrant imitators.

  • Fredy

    oh there actually are people that think angry birds is a piece of #!$%...  I don't believe my eyes. 🙂
    And this game here does look awful and it's made in few days speaking from the quality.

    @ briker - beacuse they didn't optimize the game good and are having problems with memory (game crashes) so they had to lower the texture resolution/quality.

    even in Unity u could do a game that looks way much better then this. its a shame they used unreal for ... sorry, they DIDN'T use it.. XD.

    well anyhow... no thank you. uglier angry birds copy.

    • http://www.bizangoblast.com Archerx

      Well that's a bit mean Fredy, this is the third month that I've been working on it so it's not just a few days, plus I'm doing it alone. The graphics will be improved.

      It's important to note that it's not the engine that makes the game it's the designer. Don't push one over the other, designers should use what they work better with.

  • http://twitter.com/akhatman Akhat

    Yeah... If Angry Birds had the same muddy graphics and hardly rendering objects, of course it would have been a better hit, no questions about it :))

  • Mr_wexer

    Yeah looks a little murky for my tastes too and the firing apparatus is massive an unnecessarily cumbersome looking. Shame.  

    • http://www.bizangoblast.com Archerx

      The graphics in the video are not the best, I've improved them based on feed back and now it's less dark and Murky.

  • juancitoooo

    I think you shouldn't listen to the haters. Of course there are lots of nobodies who critique other people's hard work, and when you get to ask them what they have done themselves, they don't have anything to say. You just keep improving your work, your skills, and you're doing a very good job of it. I use Unreal too, and know how hard it is to build a game from scratch. Keep at it!