Originally released all the way back in 1993, Myst [99¢] was the best selling PC game of all time until The Sims stole that title in 2002. If you had a computer with a CD-ROM drive in the mid-90's, chances are you've played Myst.

If for some reason you haven't, or this era of PC gaming is before your time, here's the gist- Myst is a first person puzzle-centric exploration game set in a pre-rendered 3D world which was absolutely breathtaking to behold when it was originally released. It's entirely tap-driven to move around and fiddle with the various in-game widgets to solve puzzles and progress through the game. For more details, check out Arn's eloquent reflection on the game from back when it was originally released.

For 99¢, this is a blast from the past you shouldn't miss.

  • Guest

    This is an iPhone / iPod game, which runs in 2x on the iPad. Doh. I should read the tags in the review properly! 

    • Gread Like

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  • Anonymous

     This game is so much more enjoyable with the new hint system..

  • Moonshed

    you guys should mention that openfeint helped make the price drop happen...firesale is pretty sweet.

  • Killian

    They need to release Myst/Riven for the iPad!  Playing on the iPhone just doesn't do these games justice...

    • Jordan

       Cyan Worlds has explained that they can't make an iPad/Retina sized version because they don't have anything old enough to re-render all the old Myst and Riven scenes. They just have the final images used to create the games, so they have to live with those dimensions.

      • Anonymous

        They can't rerender them in an emulator? 

      • MYSTer

        Yeah I feel like you could recreate Myst rather quickly in something like SketchUp these days 🙂 But what about realMyst where they had a full, real-time 3D remodel of the game done?

      • Duke Floss

        I would definitely love to see realMyst ported to the iOS - however as it stands I am very happy with Myst on the iPod. Especially for 99c 🙂

      • MYSTer

        Whether or not realMyst itself gets ported, I'm just saying it's odd that they couldn't use that to generate new images for the stills :

      • Anonymous

        But... This may be a dumb comment, but shouldn't this be easier to do for iPad? Seeing that the average PC screen size was close to the iPad...

      • http://twitter.com/AngelosLH Sarah Ford

         Pretty sure the average screen size back then was 800*600 or smaller :p

      • Anonymous

        It surely wasn't the size of an iPhone, right?

      • Thaurin

        Most games were still at 320x200 back then. Some were high-resolution, which meant about 640x480. Video memory was limited, and higher resolutions meant less colours on the screen. So it was kind of a trade-off. Myst must have been 640x480.

      • Jordan

        I believe the original size was 512 wide, though rendered at 640x480. So the claim in the description that these images are better than the original is possible because the original images were used, not the smaller ones for the original CD-ROM edition.

  • Hitch

    Sweet! Just this week I had the urge to play it and almost paid 5 bucks. Thanks for the info TA! 

  • Fredrik Jackson

     I though I'd get it in case they might make it universal some day. But apparently, after reading the comments, that'll never happen. I'm getting it anyway. Can't remember playing it, but my brother had it, so I'll get it and play in 2x.

    • Fredrik Jackson

       Wow, this was boring. Can I have a refund?

  • foobar

    I can't recommend this, even at 99c.
    I was all over this in the 90s, but by today's standards both the graphics and controls are hard to stomach. It's a slideshow with inconsistent movement. Just moving around feels like work...

    It's a good game, but it just hasn't aged well.

    And the ridiculous settings screen makes this really look like a lame port, as well. ("Drag current to Trash to start a new game"? Looks like a feature demo to me.)

    • Soma

      I can't disagree more with your sentiments. Aside from the odd menu system, it has aged like a fine wine. Nothing else in my experience comes close to the immersive and impressive 'worlds', tough but intricately woven, rewarding puzzles, chilling sound design and actually interesting plot lines. At 99c/59p its a must have even just to taste one of the gaming greats. My nostalgia-meter is obviously high, but the game is still important and potent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neilboo-Broadhurst-Park-Fcum/1107437584 Neilboo Broadhurst Park Fcum

    Just bought it and it has crashed in the room near the dock. Music plays but the screen in inactive to any touch.

  • Decoy Octopus

    Graphics look good but the gameplay seems boring. 

  • anon

     Price back up.  Oh well, I loved it back in the day and would have paid 99 cents for it.