The first major content update to Order & Chaos Online [$6.99] is coming down the pipe, so says a new thread on the World of Warcraft-like MMO’s official message board.

Details on the complete patch and its eventual release are still cloudy, but we do know a number of key fixes, tweaks, and enhancements that it’ll package in. Foremost, expect to see a number of new quests in “the last two high-level regions” and a new teleport in the Greenmont region of world. Also, forget about killing dudes in cemeteries -- with the arrival of this patch, these zones are to become hands-off, non-PVP areas.

Of course, there’s more. The ever descriptive “additional content and ... fixes” has been promised and game creator Gameloft is still teasing new dungeon, PVP arena, and level cap add-ons.

“We'll notify you as soon as possible about the complete details of this update and its timing,” the post reads. “Be sure to check back regularly if you want more info about the progress that our development team has made.”

Sure, I’ll check back regularly, but only if there’s a new mount in it for me. Gameloft gives out mounts, right? It should. For the record, I want a space snapping turtle with rocket boots. Make it happen, Gameloft. Make it happen.

  • Anonymous

    Do I speak for the Order and Chaos world when I say all we really really want is 3G support?

    • Xenoid

      I think the game is too graphically intensive for legacy devices. 

      • Anonymous

        Not iPhone 3G support, support for 3G networking. The current version is only playable over wifi.

      • Jay Foreman

        Jailbroke my phone for the first time ever to play at work. Fully worth it. Ironically I can play wow free and clear with my personal tethering plan. That's backwards I tell ya, backwards.

      • Jaykup20

        not least if you have a galaxy s device....all i do is turn on my wifi....i do not connect to a network and still can play over 3g...ive logged over 13 hours this way and have use 110mb of data.....if all i did was play the game i would never reach my cap....i can use 170mb a day before i go over my 5gig plan.

      • Anonymous

        Um, this is an iPhone site. Who cares about Galaxy S except for you?

    • Asiposer

      Not going to happen. Apple would deny publishers that kind of feature atm imho, since online games of these kinds have high bandwidth consumption, and that isn't very popular amongst phone companies.

      Jailbreaking with my3G and custom APN worked for me 🙂

      • Anonymous

        It could happen, and it should. The app store is filled with plenty of apps that stream and download large amounts of data on demand, including the built-in browser. I've used a few 3rd-party podcast apps *because* they circumvent mobile iTunes's 20MB over-the-air download limit. I think it's far more likely that Gameloft is being cautious because they don't want a lot of complaints from people going over their mobile data limits. A simple nag screen saying that the app can use a lot of data should suffice. If World of Warcraft works fine over a 56K dialup connection, and Order & Chaos is demonstrably able to run fine over 3G, why doesn't it? It probably doesn't even use that much data anyway. I'll see your "not going to happen" and raise it with a "it will when everyone's free trial is over and they can offer it as a perk to paying subscribers." IMHO of course!

    • Gigigigig

      There is 3G support. Get the 3G unrestrictor app from cydia..

      • Anonymous

        Um, that's completely UNsupported, the very opposite of '3G support'

    • Jaykup20

      just turn on your wifi....all i do is play off 3g...i have no galaxy s

  • Max Woolf

    Will Onyxia Deep Breath more?

  • Alex Gillis

    dungeons dungeons dungeons !

  • SK

    I want a mount that is a rainbow-colored unicorn that farts sparkles every time I press a button.

  • Rcrz71

    It is nice to see that Gameloft will listen to us and hook us up with updates

  • bennehftw

     gameloft and updates...what is this world coming to

  • Matt H.

     Are there mounts in this game?  I'm only level 20ish and I haven't seen one.

    • Khanh Phan

      Not yet.

  • Anonymous

    Any sites based around O&C yet?

  • Apollonas

     In a jailbroken device you can use My3G as 3G support works fine on my iphone 4, but unfortunately not on my ipad 2 because this is not jb.

    • Crypton

      Bluetooth tether your iPad to your iPhone! Works fine for me.

  • Robyn_Hode

    Yes it did.....

  • Senbonza96

    @Apollonas: how did u get MY3G to work? It always says need a wifi to connect. And when I tried to use direct flag, it came out requires direct report 1338..... Lol

    • Widmaertelisma

      I don't use my My3g but 3G Unrestrictor.. Might help

  • W Demon

    can u add more item like wings and u can ride a pet

  • Trauma

    lets get some 5 man dungeons in there im not lagging enough;)

  • Dharooy

    in my opinion gameloft plz make new races and new classes and try to divide races like wow Horde vs Alliance and u have to make mounts and dungeons and make lvl more than 60 and new talent spec and make teleporting easier

  • Dharooy

    and make an order&chaos for mac book PRO that would be super GREAT !!!!!!!!!

  • Bungywilliams80

    I have added the app to my iPad 2 but when i go try to play I just get the mail and info on gameloft and never get to the game. What wrong with it? 

  • Lol

    It's funny because the android plays this game better than your crappy ass apple products.
    Yay google.