It's difficult to think of an appropriate way to describe the success that Nintendo has seen with the Pokemon series. The franchise celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2006, and basically seems to endlessly print money for Nintendo through an endless stream of video games, movies, cartoons, toys, and other merchandising. Part of the reason Pokemon has done so well is because the core gameplay just works so incredibly well for a portable game. So much so, that I've been scratching my head for years now wondering why someone hasn't made a great Pokemon-esque game for iOS, assuming that it just has to be on a to do list on a whiteboard at Gameloft.

Indie developer Fuzzy Professor Head decided enough was enough, and has thrown their hat into the Pokemon clone creation ring with Puppysaurus. Details on the game are incredibly vague right now aside from the few snippets that have been posted in the thread in our upcoming games forum but they have released this teaser trailer:

Puppysaurus is still a few months off according to the developers, but I'd be lying if I said my interest wasn't seriously piqued. I just hope you can move on a diagonal because every Pokemon game ever has been ruined for me because of that. Either way, if Fuzzy Professor Head succeeds in making a competent Pokemon clone, I can't even imagine how popular it could be, especially if it leverages all kinds of online functionality that would never be possible with a Nintendo game.

  • Anon

    I commend the developers for taking on a giant project such as this one.. But in all honestly, I can't stand the art and the interface that was shown. I don't like how bubbly everything looks.

  • Anonymous

     Ugh, I'd rather just run Pokemon Red and Blue in emulation. This looks terrible. Someone should come up with a clone that makes pokemon MORE serious and cool, not less.

    • Kefiox

       I'd also rather just run red and blue on an emulator, would really love if they remade them for iOS though.

      This game is just not for me.

    • The_truth

      yeah they should make pokemans with like boobs and guns and stuff so i dont have to be afraid of whipping my DS in front of my jock friends

      • The_truth

        "whipping out"

      • Brett Ross

        I laughed so freaking hard when I read this comment,

  • Keth

    Great idea, but that looks just freaking horrible... Ponies? Rainbows? Ugly buttons? no no.

    • Emilyarta

      I think it looks freaking adorable. Ponies!!! Rainbows!!! A PUPPYSAURUS!! That thing is outrageously cute.

      • Keth

        It could be cute if it wasn't so ugly, the graphics look like they were drawn in 10 minutes.

  • Taylor Barclay

     I commend the developer for his work, I'm sure this isn't an easy task, but I really dislike the design and polish of the game from the trailer.

    I'd rather have Gameloft pick up Pokemon and make it BETTER than it is now.  I'd buy that for $10+.  That franchise has hardly evolved for 15 years.  This might not be the place, but I remember when I had a Zune there was a Pokemon project going on for that, and their artwork was gorgeous.  It looked like it could've been a real next generation artwork for the Poke series.

    If those guys decided to develop it for the iOS platform I would be excited.

    • Bridgesout

       This has to be the worst looking game I've ever seen.  Watching the video was soooo bad that it almost ruined my Friday night, thx a lot

      • Anonymous

        If this is the worst game you've seen then you haven't seen enough games and listening to your opinion would be against most peoples interests.

    • Herr Herp

      Yeah right, don't expect GAMELOFT to do anything better. They rip off the games, but don't improve them, and mostly they are just a facade, void of charme, content and soul of the originals. They just clone the outside, but it has no flesh or blood under the hood.

      Expect gameloft to rip it off, but don't expect them to make it better. You'd probably get a 6 hour pokemon clone with only a few pokemons, no charme, ridiculously stolen stuff that just annoys the hell out of you because its so cheap and obvious and microtransactions.

      NO THANKS.

  • Taylor Barclay

    Double post..

  • bmdino

    Gameloft already made a Pokemon clone, though not for iOS

  • Laszlo Tuss

    omg, you got to be kidding me.....

  • Chas

    OMG SOOOO CUTE!!! I can't wait till this comes out. ^-^

  • Fuzzy Professor Head

     Hi everyone, Fuzzy Professor Head LLC here. Sorry the art style doesn't jazz all of you, but we just think there are enough RPGs with gory monsters in the world. YMMV. 🙂 

    Thanks, Touch Arcade, for the feature! We'll do our best not to let you down. Get in touch if you'd like an early review copy. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I love the art style. I think it's much nicer than the outdated Pokemon style, and the attacks they have are outrageously hilarious!! Keep up with the amazing job thus far, can't wait to buy it.

      Will it be universal?

  • MartinJF

    Part of what makes Pokemon great is a lot of variation in the choice of pokemon. They all have unique stats, moves, types and abilities, which make them fit several roles, and make it perfect for competitive play.
    What I'm trying to say, is that I want random matches.

  • DARKflame34

    Gameloft already made a Pokemon clone on Nintendo's own handheld!!
    It was called Crystal Monsters, downloadable on the DSi Store. I heard it was actually pretty good, considering it went for the standard few bucks that actual iOS games go for.

  • joe c

    Sorry but NOTHING is as good as Pokémon except, well, Pokémon. I won't even touch Digimon, much less any third-rate clone. 

    But if one miraculous day it snows in hell and Nintendo begins porting to iOS, I'll buy anything and everything they put there.

    • Aaron Monteiro

      Well, Digimon come first than Pokémon... You know? Remember the tamagotchis? Yes, Tamagotchis and Digimons are the same thing, with the same creators. Digimon is old than Pokémon, so... Pokémon is an copycat, not digimon! 😉

  • SingingPenguin

    please, make it possible to skip the animations in the fights. oh, and let the puppysaurs look more exotic than they look now...they just look like regular aninals with other colors. and dont let it all look so fine & hi-def, thats what makes it unattractive ( in my opinion), i just dont like the eay the people & monsters look like.
    thanks for making my dream come true...
    and eli, you better get in touch soon.

  • Klouud

     they might be first... but that game looks retarded!

  • the One

    This wouldn't be the first Pokemon clone, as there is already an online game out there similar to this on the app store: Geo Monsters.

  • Cowboyspike76

    I like the idea of a Pokemon clone however what I don't understand is why it has to be an exact clone. A new type of game should be created that is similar in game play but have say the main character be like a Team Rocket Character that's trying to take over the world using the Pokemon creatures. The same story but from the Team Rocket perspective, with Hi-def graphics & wi-fi battles & trades. That would rock, please let a talented IOS developer do this now!!!

  • Anon

    In response to the developers comment.. We don't necessarily ask for gory anything. But this art style is obviously turning a lot of people off. They look absurdly bland and way over-the-top childish. We aren't saying we want blood and gore, but I would be embarrassed if someone saw me playing something styled like this.

    • Anonymous

      Their target market isn't you then...

  • Zaraf

     Please excuse me while I vomit from cuteness overdose.

  • Ogchicken187

    Yeah I'm not one bit interested in this, ill wait for Gameloft or someone else...pass

  • Pancakeblaster

    This kind of seems like a cross between southpark and littlest petshop. I hope the game is good enough that I can overlook the art style. But I will have to say I think it makes the game look cheap and unpolished. Jazz up the menus at least and good luck with the game.

  • Hmar9333

    I hate the Pokemon franchise, because every game that is released is exactly the same, but with a few extra Pokemon

  • Briker Ed

     The graphic presentation seems somewhat cheap & unappealing. I'd suggest dishing out few more $$$ if possible to hire a professional artist to do the game justice. 

  • Max Shamko

    this is horrifying! D:

  • Anonymous

    I will resonate what others have mentioned. The art style and over the Top childish theme is just horrible. Not sure what the dev are thinking and making money sure ain't their goal on the one.

    If they want to strike a homerun, they would take te recipe but modern it and make it a bit more adult and go after those that used to love and play poke on when they were young who are all now adults who owns an iPhone/iPod touch instead of nintendo's latest portable console. Unfortunately, they are missing the boat.

  • SK

     The devs are obviously going for an ironic, over the top cute art style--see the "plushie hipster" monster, "you cant control the Twee", etc. I'm gonna buy it.

  • Luke

     I don't mind the cuteness, but this does seem to be a case where the developer could make a huge difference by getting professional artists to do the graphics. I guess this is not feasible because it's expensive to get hundreds of sprites (possibly with different animations) drawn by a professional, but if there's any way to get this done, it could mean the difference between a game that looks like it was drawn by developers, and one that looks like it could actually compete with what Nintendo does.

  • PVG

    Actually Gameloft as a Pokémon-like: Monster Chronicle available on Nintendo DSi and japanese phones...

  • Max Dubinin

    GPSphone <3

  • Asumuel0

    OMG I am going to shot myself... are you serious? 

  • Mohammad haroon