This week’s Freebie Alert is brought to you by wind. Not the kind that shakes acorn from limb or screws up your hair. Fake Wind, like the kind seen in Spaces of Play’s Spirits [Free / HD], which makes the award-winning puzzle game possible.

If you’re not catching my drift, both versions of Spirits are free on the App Store this afternoon, meaning you can download the games right now without a care or a thought as to the health of your wallet or your children’s dwindling trust funds. What a deal, right?

Spirits is a neat game in which you are tasked with guiding several fungus monsters to an end goal, all the while transforming them into a variety of environmental objects needed to traverse the game’s winding, art-fartsy hand-drawn pathways.

As you should have seen in the above, Spirits is a beautiful game with puzzles that require some measure of thought. Control is indirect much like a Lemmings joint, so thinking around obstructions is necessary. Plus, wind plays a huge role in the direction and flow as both barriers and pathways.

For what it’s worth, we gave it high marks in our review. But you’re already grabbing it for the price of $0, right? I mean, really, it’s zero bucks. Just do it!

  • Art Vandelay

    Dissapointing game, very drab visuals, and a lot less options than Lemmings. I guess it's still worth trying for free, though.

    • WrongMovie

      I'd agree a little bit on that. I was disappointed that it was a Lemmings rip off but graphics and atmosphere kinda compensated that. I don't think that i play more than the two first levels. I don't like Lemmings.

      Art Vandelay awesome pick for a name though 😀

  • Prhaber

    IMHO gorgeous graphics, very atmospheric soundtrack & fun gameplay - well worth the money I paid for it and even better free. Funny how different people's experience of a game can be!

    And by the way it's fewer options not less options - sorry. Anal I know but that always annoys me...

    • Chris Matchett

      You are annoyed by knowing anal?
      Maybe you meant pedantic.