Last month 2D Boy’s World of Goo [$2.99] finally arrived for the iPhone and iPod touch following the highly successful launch of World of Goo HD [$4.99] for the iPad this past winter.

The World of Goo experience translated surprisingly well to the smaller screen, but due to an unfortunate bug that slipped in at the last minute the game didn’t support Retina Display graphics as intended. Today 2D Boy has issued an update to correct this problem, and the game looks fantastic on the Retina Display.

If you’re somehow wondering “what is this World of Goo you speak of?” then be sure to check out our original review of the iPad version, as not only is World of Goo one of the most critically acclaimed indie titles on Mac and PC but it actually feels and plays even better utilizing the iOS touch screen.

Both the universal World of Goo HD and the iPhone/iPod touch only World of Goo have received the Retina Display fix, so be sure to grab the latest update to give your eyes some high-resolution love.

  • Max Woolf

    To be perfectly fair, it's not retina graphics per se, just anti-aliasing. I suppose that's fair given than pure-retina might be hard given World of Goo's unique art style.

    • Plunder Tom

      Wy are some people so unthankfull?

      • Max Woolf

        It's more full disclosure, since I was confused when I opened the game after installing 1.4 and it didn't seem that retina-y. The forums has a comparison.

  • Etnor thgirw


  • GloverCom

    Now if they'd only allow us to listen to what we wanted to while we played!