Remember Battle Chess? If not, no worries; it’s an easy pitch. Battle Chess is classic variant of chess in which its stylized pieces kill each other. It’s like the Mortal Kombat of chess basically, minus the skin and copious gore. Also, less “K."

I bring up Battle Chess because it’s coming back to PC, iOS, and “more” in the future, according to a new posting by developer Subdued Software. Specifically, you’ll see the PC version a little later this August and the iOS version “soon after” the fact, according to a Joystiq blog post about the revival.

Subdued Software’s Web site is not without content about Battle Chess -- plenty of shots of the new game are available to gawk at and, hey, there’s even a features list towards the bottom of the page. According to it, expect the game to support online play, training, skill challenges, and a “combat vault” that’ll allow you to view your chess fatalities. What else could a man require?

[Via Joystiq]

  • metalcasket

    Well, this just made my day. I've always loved Battle Chess, and this looks nothing short of spectacular. I'll definitely be getting it both on PC and iOS. Can't wait.

    • Talor Berthelson

      Agreed. A battle chess remake is definitely something I can get on board with.

      • Jason

        Hahah, it's late when I laugh at a pun like that!

      • Mial

         Definitely worth a check, mate.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a blast from the past. I remember playing Battle Chess on my Mac Plus back in the day. I hope they do the iOS version justice! (and hope just a little bit that they will add an oldschool black and white mode)

  • TheTheory

    I believe it was this game that I almost convinced my parents to buy for me... only to have the package in the mail end up being a tame version of chess--the old bait-and-switch tactic parents use. "Why get the violent version of chess, when there is a just-as-good chess emulator for $10 less!"

    I definitely want this.

  • Anonymous

    This will be a must-have for me.

  • Jonah

    Wait, why is there a pawn in the back row? Also, if you look at the screen shots in the link, board is turned 90° from how it should be, with a black square in the lower-right.

    • TheTheory

      Publicity photo, you know? Maybe the rooks, bishops, and knights were off partying.

  • prefect

    More interested in Battle Chess 4000

    • Jason

      Haha!  Wow talk about nostalgia...
      That said, the color version of Battle Chess for Windows pwned all.  Both the MSDOS Battle Chess 4000 and the b&w Macintosh version.

  • W4TSON

    I vaguely remember playing this game when I was younger & I loved it. This will definitely be a day one purchase for me, but what the hell is going on with it? Why hasn't there been any new info on its release? I hope their still making it!