Back in March Rovio Mobile released Angry Birds Rio, a version of their incredibly popular bird-themed physics game Angry Birds that tied into the also bird-themed movie Rio.

Normally movie tie-in games aren’t very good, but we were pleasantly surprised with Angry Birds Rio in our review, even awarding the game 5 stars. More than just a Rio re-skin of the original game, it actually contained a few new elements and improvements that made it almost feel like a full-fledged sequel.

In following with Rovio’s practice of adding plenty of new levels to the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, they have released a trailer for the first update that is set to hit for Angry Birds Rio, subtitled “Beach Volleyball":

Rovio has stated on their Facebook page that this new update is set to hit sometime this week. If you’ve been enjoying Angry Birds Rio as much as we have, then keep your eyes peeled for an App Store update badge these next few days to check out the new Beach Volleyball levels.

  • Jack cooksey

    This looks cool, We need some Autumn, Winter, spring and Summer levels for Seasons.

  • Co-Owner Bryan

    Ohhhh ya! More birds please!

  • Leslie Boggs

    Here's a hilarious link called "How to Beat Angry Birds," but it won't ACTUALLY help you at all. Super funny though.
    How to Beat Angry Birds

  • Cathy Clark

    I heard Angry Birds Rio has been released the updated levels. Is it true? Love to play!

  • Cloudnizzlenine

     How do I upgrade to volley ball beach rio on a macbook pro?

    • Lioyovue_cff

      i would like to know how to update too!!!any ideas?

  • AngryBird-Go-Lucky

    I've beaten every version of angry birds with 3 stars, gotten all golden eggs, beaten the golden egg levels, found all of the golden pineapples, bananas and watermelon, and I've just finished beating the May update to the Rio and am already Jonesing for more. When will they be adding the rest of the levels? I would HATE to be forced to do something constructive with my time.

  • go angry birds

    i LLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE this game it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!