Grim Joggers [$1.99] from 10tons Ltd is an interesting endless running game that was released back in January. It featured many of the common traits of the genre, like jumping pits and avoiding hazards, but also put a wrinkle in the gameplay by having you control multiple characters at once. During play your crew would slowly die off as they inevitably ran into traps, but your score multiplier increased based on the number of your survivors while passing set distance markers. This ensured that you were always striving to keep as many joggers alive as possible, and combined with the task of managing all of the characters at the same time it made for some hectic fun.

We really liked Grim Joggers when we reviewed it in January, and the game was subsequently updated once in February and again in March, each time adding a new playable level among other features. Now a free version of Grim Joggers is available called Grim Joggers Freestyle [Free]. More than simply a generic lite version, Grim Joggers Freestyle is actually a competent little package on its own.

The full version of Grim Joggers features 5 different themes to play in, each with their own unique visuals, enemies, dangers, and Game Center leaderboards. Grim Joggers Freestyle is a single mode that features a new environment with a mixture of elements from all 5 of those themes, along with its own leaderboard and set of achievements. This means you’ll be running into life ending dangers like man-eating plants, polar bears, artillery shells, and aliens all in the same level.

Grim Joggers Freestyle is free to download and contains ads in-between games, but these can be instantly skipped so aren’t too much of a nuisance. The mashed up style of gameplay is worth checking out even if you own the original Grim Joggers, and I’d love to see this mode updated into the paid version of the game someday. If you haven’t yet given Grim Joggers a try, then Grim Joggers Freestyle is a great taste of what you’d be getting more of in the full version, and is definitely worth giving a download.

  • SmashD

    This ghosts following you feature, is this like the Super Meat Boy one? Where every step you've taken in previous lives is being played back at the same time?

    • SmashD

      Ok, tried it, and it's quite fun. Seeing all those players running is no replay feature, you actually play the first guy in row and all others repeat what you are doing (jumping) more or less accurate which results in situations like this one: you successfully jump over a man-eating plant, but one of your followers does an inaccurate jump and gets eaten. 😉

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    I think this is a really cool concept I'd love to see in more demo versions of games! They've created an all new stage exclusive to this free demo version that is actually a twisted "Greatest Hits" of the full game. On this one complete stage you'll have to deal with giant venus fly traps (from the full game's Jungle stage), polar bears (from the full game's Arctic stage), and bombs (from the full game's Battlefield stage) just to name a few of the hazards! I like that besides being a neat painless way to potentially hook new players in, it might have them wondering, "If this polar bear is amusing in this free stage, I wonder what the rest of the full game's Arctic stage is like?"