There have been tons of crazy Kinect hacks since Microsoft released the accessory for the Xbox 360. In fact, there are so many it's difficult to choose which to use as an example, so instead, check out this list from GameFront if you want to see a good rundown. If you include tech blogs in your daily reads online, you've no doubt noticed that these Kinect hacks are popping up both more often and with even cooler functionality. Today's example is the first one I've seen that includes an iPhone. Sure, it's just a prototype, but it's cool to see it in action:

Basically, Singapore-based developer Rockmoon built a tech demo of sorts in Unity that takes two people to play. One flies the ship using Kinect-based motion controls, and the other handles the guns with a dual-stick setup running on an iPhone. Who knows what (if anything) will come of this project aside from a video on YouTube, but it's still neat to see.

As an aside, is anyone else amused by the fact that all of these Kinect hackers have come up with all this amazing stuff while all Microsoft has figured out is how to release an array of dancing games? That being said, Dance Central is a favorite in my household...

[via Joystiq]

  • TowerDefender

    Microsoft should hire these guys.

  • Mike

    Microsoft, you should pull your head out of your ass and hire these kinds of people.

    • SMP

      Eh, in a month we'll find out where there head exactly is.

  • SMP

    These crazy kinect mods only leave me wanting more out of my kinect. However, I do really enjoy Dance Central and Kinect Sports.

  • Vimy

    kinect is a good idea and it seams to be well made, Timeing is not so hot tho

    i think developers are just wondering if it would be worth there time and money to make a tripple a game for kinect only market

    i wouldnt hold my breath just yet.

    its going to take a year or two before the market will be ready and by then, people will be taking about xbox 3rd generation

  • SMP

    Not at all, Kinect did very well, every launch starts out slow, even though kinects a peripheral, its also been established as a sub platform for the 360, more or less. Its unnerving that game publishers have announced nothing, and hinted at little, but its also nice that Mircosoft made kinect open for mods such as these, maybe we'll see some cool games come out of it. Im hopeful that Kinect has some cool game announcements next month, but whatever, that all has nothing to do with iOS games.

  • Jay

    That video is awesome! Finally i can join my two favourite pieces of technology!!

  • Anonymous

    Projects like this really are the future of gaming. When touch and movement based gameplay are properly implemented into premium console games, we'll see a whole new generation of titles. Imagine playing a massive multiplayer level in Call of Duty and calling in a tank controlled like this by two or three players in opposite corners of the world.

  • Jholl4

    This is actually a concept that M$ is working on with Windows Phone 7. In this link is a tech demo video released a few moths ago, though it's the last I've seen of it so far.