It’s been a busy couple of days with news coming from the Square Enix camp, and following the announcement yesterday that two new Chaos Rings titles were in the works the Japanese developer has now revealed the first trailer for Chaos Rings Omega. has additional details for this prequel to the original Chaos Rings [$12.99/HD] straight from the Famitsu website:

According to the site, Omega is set 10,000 years before the events of the first Chaos Rings. You'll follow a story centered on the characters of Viegue his wife and daughter Vahti. Viegue appeared in the original game as Olgar.

This setup is different from the original, which had players select their main character and partner from four pairs. Here, the story is told just from Viegue's perspective, although battles are still fought in pairs.

Check out the video below of Chaos Rings Omega, though keep in mind it’s entirely in Japanese so I really have no idea what’s going on in it:

Chaos Rings Omega is looking pretty great so far, and appears to have many similarities to the original which actually falls right in line with the storyline of Chaos Rings. The game is set for release in Japan next month, and we’ll let you know if they announce any information pertaining to a US release. Until then, check out our forums for a discussion on Chaos Rings Omega.

[Via Andriasang]

  • Falcons5

    i dont know about that one chaos ring was boring ass hell eternal legacy is much more interesting square is giving more and more crappy games like they cant make final fantasy X or 8 on iphone

    • E_Domina

      did i hear that right. eternal legacy was probably the worst rip off ever made. chaos rings is a bit tedious but it has the best storyline, battles, and graphics of an iphone rpg

    • Phillip

      Eternal Legacy was one of the biggest piece of shit "Game*thief*loft" released on the appstore. Sure, they add something going on, but they didn't bother addressing the HUGE FLAWS of the game with decent updates. Chaos ring was fresh, original and had a good gameplay, while really redundant, it deserves to be a iOS classic. SE seems to address the redundancy with one POV gameplay this time.

      • Mike

        Chaos Rings was redundant. Exactly. It was a boring game that people liked because it was SE and had decent graphics.

    • Anonymous

      I think it's hilarious that someone complaining about Square's quality then mentions FFX as one of their good games. Man that game was awful.

  • Mark

    looks like chaos rings omega needs a cm makeover...

    Seriously though, the graphics look like the original, and that is kind of old now!

    • the truth

      Looks like they reused a lot of assets too.

      In fact it looks like the exact same game with different characters :

  • Anonymous

    looks way too similar to the first game. The first game already required four playthroughs to complete it; I'm not playing through the arena another four times (especially when two pairs of characters are the same from the first). Forget that; I'll wait and hope CR2 is actually something new.

    • Phillip

      It's one POV this time, but yeah the game looks the same whit a few new dungeons and characters, and some tinsy graphic improvements.

  • Paul

    I wonder if we'll get voice acting for the english version....

  • Anonymous

    secret ultima weapon climate control power spotted at 2:36!

  • zeldafanboy23ify

    Where the fork is Escher?

    • E_Domina

      he wouldn't have been born for 10,000 years. this is where olgar won and escher is his descendent

  • Jay

    Cartoon heads talking. It took until 2:30 to get to the gameplay. Anyway, I hope this shapes up to be a great RPG. Some of the environments look pretty awesome.

  • Odyssethai

    No one saw at the end of trailer an pic from "CHAOS RING II" OMG

  • Tikicobra

    It looks like the first game minus the character selection, which doesn't bode well. I hope Square doesn't plan to sell this for as much as the first game costs, because it seems to be less game.

  • Briker Ed

    Chaos Rings was fun on the first playthrough. Doing the same again 3 more times after that wasn't. I sure hope they don't give us the same thing in a slightly different packaging.

    To a certain extent, pure grinding to progress the story is ok, but they sure overdid it in the original game.

    I was super excited when I purchased the app, but after finishing one and a half storyline I was starting to regret spending 'that much' the money on it. To this day I haven't finished all 4 storylines and I'm not sure I ever will :/

    Here's hoping though.... Hoping that SE gives us a full-blown original RPG on the iOS sometime soon. Something of a FF quality that isn't just an old FF game remake. Or if they absolutely have to resurrect one of their old titles, how about Chrono CROSS? In my opinion, that game's unfairly been snubbed by SE for so many years.

    We'll see.... I'll be closely following how the Chaos Rings series develops since I did enjoy it on my first run quite a lot.

    • KamikazeBro

      Apparently in this game you're only playing through one perspective, as opposed to the four in the first Chaos Rings. Hopefully this means one long RPG instead of like a 4 hour game =|

  • Phillip

    Wait....does it say 'his wife and daughter Vahti"...Ew.

    • KamikazeBro

      I think Vahti is his daughter's name. His wife just hasn't been named yet. Maybe that's why they just refer to her as his wife, instead of being followed by a name. least I hope so >_>

  • Guest

    Here's what little I understand from the trailer:
    Ayuta's paired up with the short-haired girl named Kushina (or something like that).
    Long blond-haired guy (named Yuta) is paired up with white-haired girl (named Celia).
    The big guy with braided hair is named Olgar and he's paired up with the woman in the orange bandana (named Rachel, presumably his wife?).
    The white-haired tattoo guy's name is Viegue, and he's paired up with Vahti.

    Now what's interesting is that right at the very end of the video, Viegue's name is changed to Olgar, which means he inherited the name (title?) from that other guy (after killing him in the arena?). Vahti, I assume, is the daughter of Olgar (the braided hair guy) and Rachel, and is married to Viegue (who becomes Olgar in the first Chaos Rings game).

    So yes, Vahti is both wife and daughter to Olgar.

  • Peter

    Well, you've missed out on most of the game, and barely scratched the surface of the story. The first 'playthrough' is probably the most boring. The battles become much more interesting as you gain new abilities and can adapt different tactics. You unlock new areas and bosses, and the story develops dramatically. Winning the arena and beating the skull guy is not even close to beating the game. In fact, the worst thing about the game is it's slow start. After beating the arena with the four character sets the game becomes much more interesting.

    • Briker Ed

      I gained all of the abilities from the monsters available in the first playthrough. I really sweatted that one out and got both my characters to lv100 and I went on and fought everything except the Piu Piu obviously and I got all the stars on all the dungeons.
      I started playing it with the second couple after that but down to the bare bones it was all the same, minus different puzzles and the couple's own story - and those two don't make up for the rest, as far as I'm concerned. I would have loved being able to experience the story fully, from all four perspectives, but I was looking at the same small amount of too familiar areas and enemies and fighting too many easy battles for the sake of ranking up to care, in the end :/
      There's a lot of potential in Chaos Rings, I just hope they they learn how to use it.

  • A7ibaba

    First Chaos Rings was mediocre game with no replay value after you finish him. Story was not so interesting. Warriors kidnaped and put in survival battle for the sake of future generations.

    • Michael A. Robson



  • Jmsmmsw

    Did I miss something here? Didn't Square Enix promise us Final Fantasy Tactics this spring? I'm pretty sure it was originally supposed to be released last September but got kicked back. So instead of fine-tuning FFT, they've just been making these games?

    • Kungfoosk8r

      Seriously it so frustrating they wont give us anything on FFT. Even if they just announced that they weren't going to make it anymore I could at least come to terms with that but they won't even address it. Its the only game I want on the iOS anymore

    • Michael A. Robson

      You're right... and i'm wondering when they're gonna take my money?! :S

  • Phil Baxter

    I long for the day when Square actually learn how to do a decent job of coding for iOS hardware. Their mix of horribly low resolution unfiltered texturing, and poor frame rates does not make for a good experience. It's really too bad as their art skills are clearly top rate, just marred by lousy engine programming.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like it could have been DLC for the first game, the monsters all look the same, most of the locations are reused and the dungeons are just palette-swapped from greenish to reddish.
    Given how pricey Chaos Rings is, I'd expect a bit more new content here.

  • Isilel9

    Well, I have finished Chaos Rings recently and, on the whole, I loved it. OTOH, 4 play-throughs to get the whole story and fight the (great) last battle against the Qualia was too much repetition. They should have gone for 2 or max 3 couples, with each couple having at least one unique area.
    And put the hidden bosses in the arena, so we don't have to trudge through areas again to fight them.
    Not to mention that Esher's story is by far the most stupid and boring one and the really interesting changes to the storyline only start happening with the 3rd couple.

    I'd really love a full-fleshed sequel, with deeper combat system.

  • Lakeshore

    I only played Chaos Rings once to the end with the first couple and I really loved it. I enjoyed it much more than Final Fantasy III because of the more mature storyline and the more closed fights and puzzles and really look forward to this release.

  • Glblues

    if its going to be as short as the first CR, then skip. i'd rather play WOW

  • Yay.

    Hmm, I wonder how many of these people here say Chaos Rings is mediocre and just gave up after the first playthrough, even though they don't know there's another 2 awesome playthroughs later
    (2nd is horrible, I agree though XD)