As we discussed last week, and has become commonplace whenever a new holiday rolls around, Rovio has released an update to Angry Birds Seasons [99¢/Lite/HD] adding 15 brand new levels themed after the upcoming Easter holiday. In addition, there is a new Easter leaderboard and several new achievements in Game Center, as well as some new golden eggs to discover.

Rovio has also released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the new Easter levels, which are full of brightly colored eggs and pigs clad in bunny ears. Check it out:

This latest update is free for current owners of Angry Birds Seasons and the iPad version Angry Birds Seasons HD, so make sure to grab the latest version to check out the new Easter theme. We’re still waiting to hear more about Rovio’s planned game save syncing across multiple devices, and we’ll let you know when we have more concrete details about that feature.

In the meantime, feel free to speculate on the next holiday update for Angry Birds Seasons. The smart money would most likely be on obvious choices like Cinco de Mayo or Mother’s Day, but I’m hoping Rovio doesn’t forget about the renowned National Dance Like A Chicken Day on May 14th.

  • Brett Archibald

    > "The smart money would most likely be on obvious choices like Cinco de Mayo or Mother’s Day..."

    I would guess Mother's Day is not going to be one of the updates, because it is celebrated on different dates in different countries.
    Mother's Day has happened here already in the UK, just a little over two weeks ago.

    I would also guess Cinco De Mayo is also not going to be one of the updates as this is primarily a US-only holiday.

    • Brett Archibald

      Having said that though, St Patrick's Day is supposedly only an Irish holiday, so who knows... Although St Patrick's Day does seem to have gone global, but maybe that's just because of the celebratory drinking that seems to go with it...

      • SMP

        Well, you've heard it here: any holiday that involves excessive celebratory drinking will most likely be featured in Angry Birds Seasons

  • Jack cooksey

    queens b-day anyone? She could be the Birds :p. Budda's B-day, Black Friday,

  • gobshite

    anyone else tired of these dickhead birds.

    • Chris Mader

      I'm tired of hearing people complain about the game.

      • Anonymous

        Amen. It happens every time there's an article about them.

      • gobshite

        Oh..good to know im not on my own then.

      • Anonymous

        What? When did I agree with you?

  • Jim Foronda

    Coming soon: Angry Birds - Tony Hawk Guitar Hero Edition

  • Bobhope

    Independence day will be the next

  • Anonymous

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