Early this morning Gizmodo spotted what might be the craziest iPhone accessory I've seen yet. Creating steering-wheel attachments for iOS devices is nothing new, in fact, we reviewed one a while back and found that it basically added nothing to the experience aside from a piece of plastic to lug around. For ¥1,599 (roughly $19 USD) you can now get a steering wheel with with speakers that are actually powered by a Nokia battery (sold separately, oddly enough).

Even though the whole steering wheel attachment thing might not add that much to the game, I can't help but think a (comparatively) huge set of powered speakers hooked up to your iPhone 4 while playing a game like Real Racing 2 [$6.99] might do something for you. Although that "something" might just amount to annoying everyone nearby.

[Gizmodo via IT Media]

  • Adams Immersive

    I’ve actually been wanting a wheel holder—IF it were a completely centered and symmetrical circle—simply to provide a big comfortable holder for sofa gaming/surfing/viewing of any kind (not just driving). This one’s off-center when held in portrait mode, though. And others I’ve seen are not a full circle, or don’t hold securely enough for me.

    I considered one if Incipio’s big grippy padded gaming cases, but a ring around the whole device sounds even better. I wouldn’t carry such a thing around with me, but I do a lot of iGaming at home, and it’s often the hand holding the device that cramps. (I’m also hoping one of these Gamebone-style gamepad holders might do the trick, if it turns out to be comfortable in portrait mode. Anyone want to make a wheel AND gamepad button-unit/battery-booster in one?)

    Speakers would be a neat addition too, I suppose. Or: how about a cheap, simple non-powered channel that amplifies/resonates the internal speaker a bit, through the interior of the wheel, kind of like a Griffin AirCurve stand does? Boxing-in a phone’s little speaker that way makes a surprising difference. Sometimes I even prop my wallet like a tent over my iPhone speaker for better-sounding music--and it does help, when no “real” speakers are handy.

  • Duane

    Replace those speakers with dual thumb pads and we're talkin'

  • Lafrance Patrick

    The Wii attachment for Mario Kart was bad enough. C'mon! I imagine myself in the plane playing with a plastic wheel....

  • Decoy Octopus

    Just another novelty acessory. It's not needed.

  • http://twitter.com/Shamko Max Shamko

    i can enjoy playing RR2 without such accessories, thank you.

  • Mr. Reeee

    That looks like fun. It could be useful even for non-gaming, like using it for a remote or just having it lying around and giving you mre options to hold it.

    Centering the iDevice seems like a no-brainer, too bad the designers missed the obvious.

  • SMP

    Are those analog sticks? because an analog stick add-on is all I need, thank you very much

  • OriginalAce

    I agree, that would be great to have the analog sticks. It would free up screen space taken up by your thumbs for lots of games, especially FPS.

  • Anonymous

    Analog sticks and then buttons for shifting (changing weapons), braking (aiming),and accelerating (firing or running) on the back side.

  • Anonymous

    How about .. no.

  • Fredrik Jackson

    That looks so awesome! ...not.

  • Anonymous

    How about... not?