Papa Sangre [$4.99] studio Somethin’ Else has a couple of projects in the works: Papa Sangre 2 and another audio-exclusive joint called “The Nightjar.” The latter, it appears, has been submitted to Apple and is currently going through the certification process.

Word of both projects first surfaced, to my knowledge, in an Independent Online article dealing with the forthcoming emergence of 3D sound in all kinds of media, from books, to advertisements, and of course, games. It’s in this article that this tantalizing bit of news can be gleaned: Nightjar is based in space.

Other details about Nightjar are hard to obtain and the game’s official Twitter account isn’t helping us to paint a clearer picture of the title. Tweets like “morale aboard this vessel is LOW,” are commonplace and teasing something I can’t understand.

Of note, this account is specifically called the Night Owl Computer. Sometimes, it spits out personal messages, as if the AI has self-actualized. “I am currently 13 mths 10 wks 26 days of knotted-light travel time from Earth (2381:099:2L).” This account also re-tweets messages from The Night Watch, a supposed escort vessel. Equally weird stuff there, but much more casual in tone.

So, at the moment, your guess about what the Nightjar is, is as good as ours. We’re in contact with Somethin’ Else about all of this, so hopefully we’ll be able to give you some solid details in the near future. For right now, though, I guess we’ll be playing this game alongside the developers. Anyone see anything important on these accounts? Or is this just all too vague to get a grasp on? I vote on the latter, but hey, I'm a meat head.