After the huge amount of success and critical acclaim for Mobigame’s Edge [$2.99] (not to mention all of the trademark dispute drama), everyone was curious what game they could release to follow up such a monstrous title. It turned out that game was Cross Fingers [99¢/Lite], a Tangram-style puzzle game that did a fantastic job of utilizing the multi-touch capabilities of Apple’s iOS devices.

Cross Fingers involved completing a series of puzzles by sliding together various pieces into their intended slots to form a complete shape. Some of the harder levels required complex usage of multiple fingers to move each piece to the correct position, often resulting in a fun game of finger Twister on your touch screen. It contained 90 regular levels and an additional 30 master levels, with an endless Arcade mode unlockable as a bonus upon completion of every level. We liked Cross Fingers quite a bit when we reviewed it in November of 2009.

Today, Cross Fingers has received a substantial update which includes a whopping 270 additional levels as well as Game Center leaderboards. It’s also a universal app now, and the graphics have been optimized for the iPad and Retina Display devices in both the full and lite versions.

Despite releasing nearly a year and a half ago, Cross Fingers is still a ton of fun today. It features a clean aesthetic, clever game mechanics, and fun use of multi-touch. Including this latest update, it now tops out at 390 levels plus an endless mode, which is a whole lot of content for the price. And speaking of price, Cross Fingers is also on sale for 99¢ to celebrate the new update. If you enjoy well designed puzzle games, Cross Fingers is a solid choice and you should definitely at least check out the lite version.

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    Awesome!! I love Cross Fingers, but haven't been playing it since Game Center came in... Gonna install the update later on, does it feature achievements?!

  • E_Domina

    cross fingers is probably one of the best games ever. with all this new crap, it only gets better

  • Frettafrunz

    Am I completely dumb, or these new levels are in-app purchase?

  • Argh!

    Looks like it comes with 240 puzzles for the base price (120 new). The rest appear to be IAP at $.99 per 30-level pack? (so $5 total?) I love the game, but that seems rather pricey.

  • Jay

    I like how the article doesn't mention at ALL how the levels are $.99 in-app purchases. Funny, that.

  • BulkSlash

    Fantastic! I love this game, I'm always replaying it but I am starting to get to know the levels too well. New levels and iPad/Retina support are just what the doctor ordered!

  • Karl Thoroddsen

    Mobigame is such a lovely company.

  • drelbs


    Time to reinstall...

  • iphone cover

    Very interesting game, never heard of this before.

  • Frettafrunz

    I'm taking a wild guest here: is it possible that the 1$ level packs will be unlocked once you complete all the previous packs? Also can someone tell me what's with the star on the upper right corner? If I press it a menu appears where I can buy stars for up to 10$. Does anybody know what those are for?

    • Anonymous

      From what I can tell, the stars are for skipping levels.

  • h8lz3

    sadly the the new main menu looks ugly as hell 🙁
    where is the cool sliding opener i was used to ?

  • Gas Scooters

    From what I've read and understand about the update, it will not support real time streaming of video and sound while you play on your iOS device as was inferred in the post. Eli's hypothetical scenario with Imangi is a no go, as much as we'd all love to see it.Gas Scooters

  • A2b

    i think i addict to it right now 🙂  did anybody find any bugs? 2 puzzles just seem impossbile to me!

  • Wendy_garrielle

    this game is so cool i love it!

  • Wendy_garrielle

    i getting a new phone and i will download it yeh

  • Anonymous

    I love Cross Fingers but the game does not save and crashes sometimes. (4S, iOS5.) It's frustrating to have to start all over again each time.

    Fix pleez!