Earlier today we posted the news that due to a license agreement expiring between THQ Wireless and Star Wars IP owners LucasArts, the iOS title Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner [$2.99] would no longer be available in the App Store after the end of this month. This also led to strong speculation that all THQ published Star Wars games would need to be removed as well.

We got this information from Kotaku, who since posting their original story had sent word out to all parties involved for further clarification. Earlier today they received confirmation from THQ that indeed all Star Wars games would be getting pulled, then just a few short hours later they were told the exact opposite. In a response email sent to Kotaku, a THQ Wireless spokesperson stated “All Star Wars apps will be available until further notice”.

Personally, that response doesn’t strike a ton of confidence in me that the Star Wars apps won’t be pulled sometime in the future. But for now, it seems that they’re safe. Josh Shabtai of Vertigore, the studio that created Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner, is trying to push forward with his planned updates for the game which include an iPad 2 optimized version (the game doesn’t currently work properly on that device) and a Battle for Endor expansion. Vertigore is currently waiting to find out if they’ll be able to release these updates.

Likely after this story made its way around the ‘net THQ realized that there could potentially be some bad PR fallout from pulling those games, so have tentatively struck a deal with LucasArts to keep them around. Kotaku is currently awaiting an official response from the LucasArts folks, so I guess this could still all take a turn for the worse should they decide against this latest turn of events. We’ll keep you updated if we find out any new information on this situation.

[via Kotaku]

  • http://twitter.com/weehomer weehomer

    I wonder how many people ran out and bought them all?

  • Anonymous

    The big wigs at LucasArts obviously saw my comment.

  • JoJo

    I was one of the morons that went out and bought it. Good game, but not worth the 2.99$. I hate being used like this...I won't be buying anything from this developer again.

    • http://www.joshshabtai.com Josh Shabtai

      Sorry you feel used, JoJo. Honestly, the game was truly getting pulled today. I believe that it was the reaction from sites like TouchArcade, fan comments and then fact that you guys ran out and bought our game that actually saved it.

      So I actually owe you one. Let me know the next time you're in New York City and I'll give you your $2.99 back. Hell, I'll make it $3 in quarters and we can spend it at Barcade.

  • Anonymous

    I thought to myself - boy this is a good way to rake in some quick bucks - imagine a few days later this gets resolved. Well, not even a few days later it turns out.

    • Noah

      I thought for sure they lowered the price to make as much money as possible while the "threat" was still hanging over our heads. Hehe.

  • Cygnetseven

    I keep waiting for the line, "APRIL FOOLS!"

    • Cowboysfreetyme

      Same here. I guess THQ didn't get the memo and had to make a statement to prevent any bad PR like the article says.

  • MunkieSuthorn

    I am used to TA's cries of "Buy this App Quick!", and quickly dismiss them. It is the same old thing, and stinks of under the cover relationships with developers.

    • Anonymous

      "but if you have any interest at all in any of the games mentioned then it’s probably best to play it safe and buy them now, or definitely re-download if you've previously purchased them and don't currently have a copy in your iTunes"

      If you read that as "Buy this App Quick" you certainly have some comprehension issues.

      • Appman23

        I'm pretty sure he is referring to their original post - which was basically "buy this app quick before it goes away forever!" - Before you insult someone's intelligence you should probably make sure you know what you're talking about.

      • Anonymous

        Read again. I quoted that from the original article only. Now read your own post back to yourself. I think you can teach yourself a thing or two here.

      • MunkieSuthorn

        I quote from the headline "Grab 'Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner' Before it Disappears Forever" ...

        They are directing their audience to buy an app before it disappears forever. Did it disappear, no. Will it one day just like any app may, perhaps. And no, I did not move on their urging, others did. I think that TA needs to be more responsible with their headlines.

        Bottom line, it is the consumers choice, my opinion is that the reviewers should report that there was a chance of it going away, not wave a red flag screaming "Buy this App" in the headline.

        I could care less if someone wants to take a shot at my intelligence, again it is my opinion as a reader of TA and a consumer.

        Irresponsible Journalism in this case.


      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        The developer confirmed that they were told the game would be pulled, and hinted that the rest of the Star Wars games might leave too. I don't know how much more responsible you can get than being told by the actual people that made the game.

        The original post was just a heads up in case people hadn't picked up those games yet but maybe were planning to. If it makes you feel better, I bought 2 of the games that I didn't have already because I thought I wouldn't be able to any more. To me, that's better than a post AFTER they get pulled that says "welp, if you wanted any of these games, too bad because they're gone now. Tough luck."

      • MunkieSuthorn

        No, I am not trying to feel better over an article, I am voicing a concern about alarm-ism and the power of blogging.

        "I bought 2 of the games that I didn't have already because I thought I wouldn't be able to any more"

        That is a shame, I am sorry that you bought in to the fiction.

  • Mark DeNardo

    april fools

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QCNGWNRTB6TMKK57C2DB5N3FCY Lance Drew

    woah.. this just shows how many people are hooked in star wars. it cannot be deny that star wars has indeed invaded different sectors from cereal boxes to t shirt and even games, there are a lot of online games that has been created under the inspiration of star wars.

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