Remember the Gameboy Camera? There are many reasons not to be aware of it ranging from "I wasn't alive at the time" to "I try not to buy every silly accessory Nintendo releases," so I'll lay down what this wonderful little gadget was all about: It was the late 90's, everyone and their little sister had their own Game Boy to play either Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue, the mass proliferation of camera phones was still a decade away, and digital cameras were both clunky and expensive. Enter Nintendo, with a portable four-shade barely-greyscale digital camera with the hilariously low resolution of 128x112. It even had a thermal printer (which no one I know owned) that hooked up via the link cable port to print your photos to tiny stickers.

Check out this horribly 90's TV commercial detailing the features of the device:

While apps like Camera+ [99¢] and Hipstamatic [$1.99] boast features that actively try to make your photos look better, Dezro's 8-Bit Pocket Camera [99¢] sends your photos back in time to the aforementioned glory days of the Gameboy Camera... with shockingly accurate results.

Using a few different on-screen controls you can tweak out your 8-bit photos, then save them as virtual stickers with a number of different boarders. There's even Twitter and Facebook support for posting your stickers online. If you even have the vaguest of fond memories of the Gameboy Camera, 8-Bit Pocket Camera is an app you need on your iPhone.

  • Maikelg

    My iPod touch photo's already look like this... 😛

  • StVincent

    Yeah, but what resolution does it save the files at?

  • Deplip

    I had the printer but once it ran out of paper I never bought more :

  • EastsideStompers

    Hahaha, that advert totally made my day: ) The father and son bit is just pure classic!

    • Anonymous

      You don't get to see phrases "Drug charges dropped after key witness dies" in Nintendo commercials now-a-days.

  • drelbs


    I had one of these things, and a fantastic PC Parallel-to-Gameboy adaptor and software that would let you 'print' to a graphics file on the PC.

    The G&W Juggler game (with your face) and the SHMUP were both good too!

    • Ujn Hunter

      I still have my GB Camera... I wish I had that PC to Gameboy cable! I'd like to transfer my photos... if they're still on there.

  • Anonymous

    I had both the camera and the printer, and have fond memories of sticking the little pictures everywhere. Every so often I still come across an old school book or something that has a now blank bit of paper stuck in it. The only clue of its origins being the tell tale perforations at the edge.

    Back to the app, Its great. 😀

  • Anonymous

    I had both the camera and the printer, and have fond memories of sticking the little pictures everywhere. Every so often I still come across an old school book or something that has a now blank bit of paper stuck in it. The only clue of its origins being the tell tale perforations at the edge.

    Back to the app, Its great. 😀

  • Rothgarr

    I might be wrong... but doesn't 8-bit translate into 256 colors?

    • otrain13

      You're correct in that 8-bit colour would be 256 colours, yes. But my guess would be that the title "8-bit Pocket Camera" is in reference to the 8-bit CPU that the Gameboy ran on.

      • Chris Martino

        I swore the Game Boy was 4-bit.

      • Kobeskillz

        It was 4 - bits but I guess people can relate to 8 bits more.

      • Porsupah

        Are you sure? Wikipedia's saying it used a custom 8080 variant, with some additions from the Z80. 4-bit would be more something to expect of, say, the Milton Bradley Microvision. (Now there's a platform that makes the Atari 2600 look luxurious, from a programmer's perspective =:)

      • thewiirocks

        The "bitness" of a machine is based on its microprocessor, not its graphics. To get technical for a moment, it's the size of the path through the ALU in the CPU. In that respect, the Gameboy is 8-bit.

        That being said, many game console developers looked to other areas to make their case for more bits to make their machine sound impressive. The Turbo Graphx 16 was 8-bit with 16-bit graphics, the Atari Jaguar was a 32-bit machine with a double-wide (64-bit) bus, and the Dreamcast/PS2 were both 32-bit machines with 64/128 SIMD instructions. In reality, all those claims of extreme bitness were marketing fabrications.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, fond memories. I didn't own one myself, but my friend did. My only gripe is that the icon isn't pixelated as well. It should be representing the product more closely.

  • Anonymous

    Cool - looks like my iPad 2's front facing camera already emulates this without additional software.

  • Robotron2084

    "TouchArcade ...keeping you in touch with the latest in iPhone gaming"

    This... isn't a game.

    There are so many iOS games that could be covered on the front page, and a useless 4 shade camera app is what gets coverage? o_O

    • Eli Hodapp

      If you don't see how this pertains to the kind of things we cover I'm not entirely sure what to say.

      • Robotron2084

        It's tangentially related... at best.

        But compared to all the iOS _games_ that could be featured on the front page instead? Maybe you're just bored of writing about actual games. I dunno. But hey it's your site, and I do like it 99% of the time.

    • AmpliHelix

      u mad bro?

      • x999x

        yeah he mad

      • Robotron2084

        no bros, hez not mad

      • Ujn Hunter

        why you mad tho?

      • x999x

        yeah he mad

  • Rumble

    Awsome, just wish the app icon was better looking and more connected with the app concept

  • krisko

    Had the whole kit n' kaboodle as a kid. Camera, printer, and of course the GB. I remember really getting a kick out of making my own DJ loops, and even being able to tape movies that were barely a second long.
    I actually brought it to school once, as part of our "mini society" project. I would take pictures of my fellow students and give them out (for a fee of fake money, of course).

  • gee

    wow, they dont make commercials like that anymore 🙁

  • Sean P.

    I wasnt alive? It wasnt that long ago.... jeez Im only 20 and youre making me feel old.

  • American Elf

    I was using my real gameboy camera and printer just last week. Printing out stickers for my kids. And here's a gameboy camera photo I took oh my iPad 2:

  • Luke Davies

    I still have my camera and printer in a drawer in this very room. Somehow still managed to drop 59p on this app though. I guess I'm just crazy.

  • Polished Terrazzo

    I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post

  • Zach Williams

    I still have mine lying around with all my old GameBoy accessories and games. I believe I was 8 when this came out.

  • Sam Kahn

    This app is fantastic. Instant purchase for me. Beats looking for a solution to get photos from my actual Game Boy Camera. Thanks for covering this.

  • Magaret

    Only if there was a way to hook up my gameboy printer too. wireless surveillance cameras