One of the true App Store classics, Doodle Jump [99¢], recently celebrated its 2nd birthday and surpassed the 10 million paid download mark. It single handedly brought notoriety to both the “doodle” style and the endless jumping genre on iOS, and after numerous feature updates and additional graphical skins Doodle Jump has just received its most dramatic new feature thus far. Today a brand new update added online multiplayer functionality to the game using Game Center, and this mode is so much fun I’ve fallen in love with Doodle Jump all over again.

Like the single player experience of Doodle Jump, the multiplayer is extremely simple to play. You can send out an invite to anybody in your Game Center friends list or be matched with a random opponent. Both players are then launched into a randomly generated level that features all the standard elements that you would expect from the normal game. There are enemies to shoot and the various types of platforms to jump from, but the only power-up you’ll come across are the springs that launch you higher into the air.

The goal is to race upwards against your opponent to a finish line at about the 12,000 mark, and the player to cross this first wins. Accidentally hitting an enemy or falling into the oblivion below instantly loses the game for you or your opponent. Springs can only be used once, so along with avoiding the dangers of the level you are also in a constant battle to be the first one to get to a spring. It creates a really fun competitive dynamic that compliments the tried and true Doodle Jump gameplay really well.

One thing the new Doodle Jump multiplayer really needs is some sort of statistical tracking so you can see how you shape up against the competition, but as a first effort it has really impressed me. With a pool of millions of players it’s easy to connect and find people to play with, and although there is very minimal lag occasionally it doesn’t really affect the game. If you never really got into the whole Doodle Jump thing, the new multiplayer may be just the thing to finally sway you. It really is a lot of fun. If you’re one of the millions who already owns Doodle Jump, dust off your copy and grab this latest update.

  • Adams Immersive

    I blame Papi Jump for the endless-jumping craze.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone even play this crappy game anymore? It was OK when it came out but it has been made terribly inferior when compared to what's available on the iPhone now. I never really liked it when I bought it, waste of 0.99 to me.

    • Cowboysfreetyme

      Really? I don't know of any other jumping game with multiplayer.

    • IMNS

      I didnt touch it for months but just tried the multiplayer update and its pretty frigging cool. Its definitely fun when you got a few minutes to kill. But to say its crappy, terribly inferior to other iPhone games and not even worth 99cents is simply wrong. I've wasted on other iOS games 10 times as much as I paid for DJ and yet played DJ quite a bit more than most of them. Its a tilt based jumping game and it IS really good one at that.

    • Joe dalam


    • hazatron

      that is a lie and also blasphemy

  • Anonymous

    It's embarrassing that after a year, Lima Sky still hasn't released their iPad Doodle Jump, even though we keep hearing that they're "working on it". Sorry, guys, but after this news, I don't believe it anymore. Lost faith in LS like many other gamers.

    • Nate

      Having played the promotional Hop version of Doodle Jump on the iPad, which is Universal if not iPad-native, I have to say that Doodle Jump is just not a great game for the device. An iPad is just so much bigger than a Phone or a Touch that the simple "tilt back and forth" game mechanic becomes a serious workout when you can't rest the device on anything.

      • Anonymous

        This was their original excuse... That they needed to make it work better. But a month ago they said they were still working on it.
        And I agree with Hop... But the problem there was that they just made everything big... That shouldn't be the way to go. If there's only five 'pedestals' on screen, then yeah it's gonna be an arm workout.

  • Suckit

    my game won't connect online to anyone. Is this a bug yet to be addressed?

  • Anonymous

    ****, my accelerometer isn't working!!!!! @#$%&*%!!!!

  • Rumble

    Don't support these corporate clowns.
    They lost all the charm after threatening allot of indie devs and gave them hell.
    Also claimed to have trademarked the word doodle on the game description without having the trademark. I cant stand devs that are more about power and control than innovation and quality.

    • Anonymous

      "corporate clowns"?
      Really? Come on!

    • Aasfdsa

      I disagree, the devs knew full well that they were taking advantage of the name doodle to get it in the app store search results next to doodle jump. Some apps even had the nerve to copy the icon and only a single letter changed! This confuses the consumer and they are right to enforce some distance between their arbritray name which happened to get popular, rather than have a bunch of freeloaders ride on their success. Taking it too far, would be the game 'edge' sueing every game in existence with the word edge in in. Lima sky were right to control their brand name inside the app store.

      • Rumble

        Yes, in those cases where the art really looks like the doodle guy, they might be right.
        But if you read the threads where devs tell there stories about Lima sky contacting them you will notice that some of the accusations Lima Sky makes are just rude and ignorant.
        By the way, trying to trademark a word is not ok. Its very provocative especially when you act like you have it, but don’t. I have no respect

  • Mr T Bailey

    Awesonme, thanks Igor, this is great.

    • John Roberts

      Do not support these scumbag developers. Do not forget, do not forgive. They make millions and tried to take away small developers livelihoods.

  • Anonymous

    It is very hard (impossible against anyone good) to catch up if you get behind because the springs only work onc. If the guy in the lead keeps hitting them, he continually extends his lead and you have no opportunity to catch up. Games are usually decided in the first 5 seconds depending on who gets the first few springs. Love the idea, but needs some balancing.

    • GiHubb

      I agree to to this 100%! I love the update and was hoping for a jumper or runner to finally incorporate multiplayer (hey, Multiplayer-Canabalt anyone??) but having the springs work only once might seem like a good idea, but it does really kill the game. Whoever is in front, it's almost impossible to catch up with them. So only the first few seconds have meaning, then if you fall behind your only hope pretty much is for the leader to screw up and die. Hey devs, if you're reading this, please change this.

      • H A S

        Actually, there is a multiplayer canabalt... on the Winnitron 1000.

        Just google it. 😛

      • GiHubb

        Yeah I've seen that a while back, that's why I want it on my iphone!

    • PUP

      Exactly! Terrible design decision (It's like making a kart racer where only the lead player gets the powerups). Removes all competitive tension from the game once the lead player gets the first couple of springs.

      Please, fix.

    • Jared Nelson

      I've encountered games like this, but it's infrequent in my experiences. I've caught up to people that shot out to an early lead, and I've been caught by people that fall behind.

      But I agree that this mode needs to be fleshed out more, and coming up with something to address this issue would be nice. But so far it really hasn't ruined the experience for me, I still get a majority of games that are balanced and competitive.

      • GiHubb

        Once you hear the guy in the lead catching a few consecutive springs, it's race over, very rare to catch up

      • PUP

        It seems like it's not so much a matter of "fleshing out" the multiplayer mode, but simply just leaving the springs for both jumpers to use. This easy fix would provide a level playing field and automatic game balance.

  • Lima Sky

    Can everyone please stop saying bad things about our company? If you released a game which got famous using the word doodle, and people took your idea, you would want to drag them through the courts too! Anyone would. And even more than that, the money keeps rolling in despite what you ignorant morons write. We defended our company and if that means some people lose money, their business or the clothes from their back then I'm sorry but that is what they deserve.

    • Anonymous

      ...I sense this is not Lima Sky

  • Dagger512

    did anyone else notice that there are no more propeller hats, jet packs or rockets since the latest update?! that's so not cool! now it's harder & takes longer to surpass your previous high scores b/c of the loss of those cool gadgets! lame! bring 'em back!!!

    • Jared Nelson

      They're still in my game, just not in the multiplayer mode.

    • Jared Nelson

      They're still in my game, just not in the multiplayer mode.

  • Loose_in_chinatown

    did you just update and the multiplayer icon was there? because i just updated mine and it still only says challenges with no multiplayer option

  • Aros2k

    Did I imagine a comment from Lima Sky in here last night or was it just someone messing about?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry we deleted the comment YOU posted as Lima Sky.

  • Aros2k

    It was funny though! :p

  • zoozli

    'Doodle Jump' Gets Online Multiplayer in Latest Update
    Best online game -

  • Eal78442

    i updated my doodle jump and still cannot get multiplayer. How do i get it to work?

  • Erination

    It's pretty exciting to be that simpel 😀

  • George


  • Clecle luvyouHappy

    It says I need game centre to go online? How do I get that? It's not at the app store.

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