While I haven't yet been totally sucked in to Hot Springs Story [$3.99 / Free], I've spent entire days of my life playing Game Dev Story [$3.99 / Free]. Now, admittedly, I wasn't totally engrossed in Hot Springs Story because I'm exponentially more interested in video games than I am maintaining a spa, but what if you threw science fiction in to the mix? Then I'd really be in trouble.

A few hours ago, the guys from War Balloon Games revealed Star Command on Reddit. I'd paraphrase what the game is about, but their succinct description is perfect for getting any simulation fan excited:

Players can build their vessel in their own image - if you prefer a scientific, peace oriented game style you can build long rang scanners and diplomatic facilities to encourage peace and information exchange. Players more focused on settling disputes through force can build their Starship with multiple weapon bays and reinforced hull to absorb heavy damage.

Throughout the game players can hire and manage their crew. Crew members have a variety of skill sets and each of these comes into play when performing tasks on board like research, tactical, engineering and more. Crew members gain new skills as the game progresses making them more and more valuable.

Players can explore the universe, discovering black holes, nebula’s, new planets and eventually make contact with new races. Diplomacy comes into play as some species are naturally drawn to combat while others may be more willing to join you - even exchanging officers on your crew.

A number of screenshots have also been released, revealing some radical looking pixel art:

The developer is actively answering questions on Reddit and made a couple interesting comments. Game Dev Story actually served as the catalyst for the project, proving that there was actually a market for in-depth simulation games. Also, while there isn't any multiplayer planned for this version of the game, the developers seem open for some kind of potential sequel where it would be considered. (Assuming the original sells, of course.)

Star Command is scheduled for release sometime this summer, and I can't wait. I should probably make plans to clear my calendar of any and all obligations once I hear when it will actually hit the App Store. I'm thinking this might actually be worse for my personal and professional life than Game Dev Story, as horrifying as that is to actually think.

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  • http://twitter.com/Niasyn Allan Lee

    cue futurama "shut up and take my money" jpg

  • Gaylord

    Hope that mak an iPad version or a universal app, the tiny oldskool mobile phone screen size of dev story put me off buying, same with Hot springs.

    iPad versions please.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QCP4WHWLUQHFIOP66SLEA7E5CA Hampus

      the were both fully playable on the ipad though, due to the art style the upscaling didnt have such a bad effect, still would have loved to have universal editions with landscape mode for ipad though...

    • Dag Lindwall

      Game Dev Story is actually a port of an old japanese game from 1996, that may be why the graphics are a bit dated. I don't mind though, I'd rather have old school graphics that look as adorable as GDS's instead of the ugly high res crap of many of the newer titles (not saying that I don't appreciate high res good looking graphics).

  • Starcommandgame

    hey Justin from War Ballon here -

    We will be making an ipad version- is as much as we're making sure to create menu assets in vector so they're infinitely scalable- the actual game will be artificially pixelated so it will still have the 8-bit smell.

    mmmmmmm pixels.

    • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

      Good to hear! Will check this out when it hits iPad2!

    • Dag Lindwall

      Is there some way to like "wish list" your game before it's released? I mean, there's a couple of months left, I don't want to have forgotten about it when it hits the app store...

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  • Lancer4321

    Interesting. Looks to be similar in concept to the 'Battlestations' boardgame by Gorilla Games. Looking forward to checking it out!

  • Gust0208

    Wow, I don't often post plushy feelings for game previews. But damn, this is one of those times. Mixing up some 8-bit Star Trek with Game Dev Story? Me likey.

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    This is so great that I had to comment.

  • Anonymous

    thanks! very good articles

  • Kaje

    Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!

    Please don't delay this one, I need this one ASAP - looks bloody awesome!

    • Justin Coombs

      we are trying to go as fast as we can. There has been a lot of good motivation from everyone- so we're amping it up.

  • InHonor3m

    I'll buy this Game at release, like GameDev and Hot Spring. Hot Spring is tralla good, I also did'nt gepot Dwight by it, like in Game Dev, but my Girlfriend played it for hours 🙂

  • Derek

    Looking forward to this!

  • Brabad

    someone make THEME HOSPITAL!

  • http://twitter.com/petec888 Pete

    Oh my goodness, finally my dream of Starship Commander from my old Apple ][ being reborn as an iOS app comes true! As Allan Lee says, just take my money!

  • Wilson Cheung

    Looks awesome.