EA just dropped us a note about the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 which apparently is coming to the App Store this month. Knowing what we do about EA and how they release games, that only means two possible dates for its release: This Thursday the 24th or next Thursday the 31st. While we're not entirely sure which of these two dates it will drop on, we do know quite a few details about what it will include-

The coolest addition is also the feature EA boasts about first, a "closest to the pin" Facebook challenge which kicks off twice a week. Apparently, much like how you're able to compete with friends in Bejeweled 2 using Facebook, you will soon be able to take a shot on a par 3 hole to see who can get the closest to the hole. It sounds cool, but seems to be entirely dependent on having friends who use Facebook, have an iOS device, and have purchased Tiger Woods 12. There's also the "Tiger Challenge" which is an array of over 20 mini games that earn in-game cashola to then be spent on the entree fee to PGA events or to pump up your golfer's stats.

Tiger is also coming back with "lush, Retina Display visuals" as the above screenshot mentions, along with 8 courses, and 8 PGA pros to play as in 4 different game modes. There's even going to be a free version which will give you full access to the previously mentioned closest to the hole Facebook competition as well as 3 holes on the TPC Sawgrass course. Sadly, multiplayer sounds like it's going to be local only, but I suppose you can't have everything.

Stay tuned for either this Thursday or next where we'll have a full review of the game. I've been a huge fan of previous Tiger Woods games, and much like the yearly Madden iterations, I'm expecting this one to be marginally better than previous installments... What more can you ask for?

  • AGuest

    HD iPad version??

  • Salsamd

    Exactly! That is "what more I would ask for.."

    • Skiptwo

      Agreed! Why review something that is only expected to be "marginally better than previous installments" Every other review site will have a Tiger Woods review... Who cares ! ? ! Wheres the originality? How about a unique or unheard of game review?

  • Art Vandelay

    Already have the old version, I'll wait until they come out with "Tiger Woods: World Championship #$%&ing"

  • Rik

    Im still amazed why EA havent dropped the deal this guy, im not buying it througj principle.

    • freeway82

      If everyone dropped you too for all the evil you must have done in your life since child birth till now, i guess you would have killed yourself by now. People who are not saints but always stuck on criticizing others. Nonsense.

    • Peter

      You're entitled to your opinion, of course.

      As am I. Mine is that you are being unnecessarily judgemental. People are not perfect, and everyone makes mistakes.

    • Mikegenius2727

      i didn't know he cheated on your wife WOW! So if i worked for you and you found out i cheated on my wife you would fire me, although these actions have nothing todo with you or your life dirrectlly,WOW!!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N7HNYY5BVM6YREE5RYJDEWXHGU Erik

      If I wouldn't buy something because the guy endorsing it is an absolute asshole I would never have bought an iPad in the first place.

    • Lamar Taylor

      The guy cheated on his wife and has moved on and maybe so should you. He didn't break the law or hurt anyone besides his own family.

      Don't forget that freedom works both ways. You have the freedom to voice your opinion but EA has the freedom to employ Tiger Woods if they choose to.

    • Noah

      What do you mean? Why would they drop the Tiger Woods name on their games? He still plays golf, right? Admittedly, I rarely read the news, but I'm sure I would have heard about it if Tiger had retired!

  • Wisedude

    Don't like the IOS version at all so won't be buying this one although EA titles have been improving lately.

  • Jimmö

    Brilliant to release the same game year after year. Just change the number in the title, done! Wouldnt it be enough to release tiger's pga tour every five years? This way you would at least notice a difference between the games....

  • Macsdad

    Will one of the courses be Augusta National, like the much anticipated XBOX version soon to be released?

    • Mr.X

      Sadly, Augusta is not included in the iOS version, according to some sources.

  • Justsomedude

    This one has better graphics (retina) and different courses from 010 version and those are enough reasons for me to buy it.

  • http://twitter.com/Zghying John Dickerson

    If it has Augusta National, and is universal or has a ipad version, I'll pick it up.

  • AlanB

    Not enough change from the previous version. Would buy an HD iPad version, though.

  • Gatordj76

    2nd gen compatibility?

  • Bubba

    Maybe EA didn't say, but if they did (and they sure should have), it would have been nice if you mentioned if the Augusta National was going to be included in the App. Since the whole '12 release is built around "The Masters," it seems any "Tiger Woods 12" app would.must have it included. Anyway, if you know, could you please update the post to indicate? Thanks.