I'll be the first to admit that when I first caught wind of Angry Birds Rio I didn't expect much. Video games based on movies are almost always universally terrible, and this seemed like a prime situation for Rovio do to a quick cash-in on Rio, with hype around the movie and Angry Birds in general making the game sell well anyway. Oddly enough, Angry Birds Rio is anything but a quick cash-in.

At this point I'd think it's safe to assume that anyone reading TouchArcade is familiar with Angry Birds, but if not, here's the gist- Angry Birds is a catapult game where you fling birds at forts which are cobbled together with various materials, all precariously stacked. Levels are complete when you fling the birds in to these forts to kill all the pigs. It's graded on a three star scale with hidden golden eggs which can also be collected.

Angry Birds Rio basically plays the same way, but the entire game feels like it has been upgraded. Quite a bit of the interface has been redone, there are far more things to collect, and they've even added parallax scrolling to give the game quite a bit more visual depth. The 60 included levels are all designed incredibly well, and seem to have solutions where you can brute force the level by destroying it, or looking for the single weak spot which sets off a Rube Goldberg-like chain reaction of destruction.

Instead of killing pigs, you've got to break fellow birds free from cages in the first world. Then in the second world you're defeating monkeys. The 60th level has a boss fight of sorts where you've got to fling birds at Nigel, the bad guy of the movie. You even get to fling Blu and Jewel, the two main character birds of Rio. It's all really well done, and any fans of Angry Birds will have a fantastic time playing through Angry Birds Rio.

I hope these improvements eventually make their way over to the proper Angry Birds and/or Angry Birds Seasons, as it would be really sweet to need to deal with a big and crafty boss pig. The collectable items are also a nice touch, really giving reason to replay levels beyond scoring three stars. Really the only down side is the clear display of when additional content is coming, with blank menu spots for May, July, October, and November 2011. I think I prefer just being surprised when an Angry Birds update lands than knowing I have to wait so long... And I doubt I'm alone on that.

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  • Theorioles33

    Cant get enough of those damn birds!

    • http://www.squidoo.com/robert-benwell Rob Benwell

      me also. Been waiting for a new version..

  • Anonymous

    Is is just me or does the tree in the second screenshot look... Poorly made?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it is a bit ugly. Not exactly a good screenshot to show off.

    • 0Gravity

      Yes I thought the same thing. I have this game for my sony erisson xperia smartphone 3G. The graphics for this game has so much to improve like that tree on the second screenshot. I hope they make the graphics more 3D for android.

  • Adams Immersive

    My first thought was, shouldn’t a promotional game be free? But then that would devalue the rest of the Angry Birds lineup. Free would makes sense for a really tiny promo game or the usual shovelware/reskin. With Rio being a full-scale game in its own right, with its own levels, I’m happy to pay.

    (Plus, it’s like the movie and the game are promoting each other. Not the usual simplistic game-as-ad situation.)

  • Anonymous

    After what they did to the original I don't think I'll be buying anymore of their games.

    • Anonymous

      Please elaborate... is tripling the content a bad thing?

  • rio dude

    Considering how simple the gameplay is, it would be an insult to see anything less than the original game! And to be honest, even the improvements dont add much to the game, since it is still the dam thing!
    This is one of the oldest flash games and i dont know how can Angry Birds be so famous, still....
    And, as for someone how actually lives in Rio de Janeiro, i got say that they could have done a little better in the presentation! The background doesnt resmbles Rio landscape at all! Rio have quite some characteristic mountains filled with green, not that rocky landscape discribed on the game...come on, i can do a better background in inkscape (and i mean it)

    • kjay

      who cares if it doesnt look exactly like rio...we dont play the game for a visual of what it would be like to visit rio...youve got to be pretty ridiculous to get so worked up about a picture in a game. if you dont like it then dont play it... and by the way if you think you can do such a better job then why dont you come out with your own game and see how famous that gets haha good luck with that

  • The Pimp

    that looks pretty cool. Surprising they would put that much effort into it considering all the gimmicks they've pulled in the past.

  • Fygo

    I don't understand... what exactly is so fantastic on Angry Birds? It is basically just a physic game, not even very creative (and let's face it, many times it is: retry the level 50 times till you get the 3 stars). I am not saying it is a bad game, but where is this popularity coming from exactly?

    • Spacyricochet

      It passes the 'girlfriend that doesn't usually touch videogames'-test, that's where it comes from. Why does it pass this test? It's simple to pick up and has great personality and character. More than this isn't really needed for a great game and at the same time it's also the hardest to accomplish in a game.

      Thumbs up for Angry Birds for managing it again and again.

  • Jay

    It's a disgrace we are being forced by Apple to update to 4.0 to play the latest games, I've a 1st gen iPod touch and me and millions of others can't but this....nice way of supporting your fans and buyers Rovio....

    • Anonymous

      How is it a disgrace for a developer to make use of OS improvements?

      If you like whinging, try and find something that justifies it.

      • Jay

        Spending £200 on hardware and less than two years later it won't play any games is more than enough reason to moan who ever you are...nothing stopping the developer releasing a version that detects enhanced hardware giving extra options on the menu, but to cut millions of early adopters out is plain poor form and bad business sense.

      • Kingzope

        U Jelly?

      • nomster

        The 1st gen iPod Touch came out 3 years 6 months ago
        The 2nd gen came out 2 years 6 months ago

        Not sure how you bought a 1st gen less than 2 years ago unless 2nd hand - so be it

        I've got a 3GS and orig iPad - I've no doubt that there will be apps that work way better on iPad 2 and some maybe not work at all in a year or so of on my orig iPad - that's life

        If you can't accept that things move on, you're going to have a hard time over and over again - Moores law and all that

      • Jay

        because retailers still sell older revisions, just because a new model comes out doesnt mean they send back older models....

        I know technology moves on, I've been around long enough i'm no 14 year old moaning here, i just find the support on this hardware some of the worst I've had over the 25 odd years I've been buying different hardware...times may be changing ok, I'm certainly not buying anymore Apple products if they give up support and force updates upon consumers and no doubt push developers to do so they profit more on the latest hardware release....

  • fraggot

    I don't like that they removed the golden eggs, collecting fruit does nothing for me if there aren't any levels to play for getting them.

  • http://profiles.google.com/mebdkennedy Maureen Kennedy

    Regardless of everyone's negative comments, I think angry birds is an amazingly fun, simple game that has me hooked. It's a welcome distraction to life's boring repetition and it makes me happy. I don't understand why someone would analyze and over think an arcade type game and not just enjoy it as the mindless fun it is. Geez, lighten up, haters! It's a game! But if you must project your own anger and self-loathing, maybe you need a therapist to help you get to the real root of your problems. I'm thinking you all might have "mommy" issues because back in the day she refused to buy you a nintendo or sega system. Relax! Have fun! And maybe the game could be therapeutic for you...just imagine it's your mom (or whomever is the object of your disdain) that you're catapulting towards and knocking into oblivion.

  • Brynne Tillman

    my son completed the first tow Smugglers Den and Jungle Escape on Rio, and isn't sure how to access may 2011 - please help - brynne.tillman@gmail.com

    • Lorasmom1904

      I have the same question. I even went back and got 3 stars on all the levels to see if that helped but nothing happened. I thought I had to wait until May 2011 but nothing new popped up then either. Anyone?

    • Lorasmom1904

      Everybody seems to have been waiting for May 2011 update for Angry Birds Rio. Well, Angry Birds Rio Update for iPod Touch, iPads, and iPhones were expected to be released on May 1, but it has not yet been released.

      Many fans of this game have been deliberately waiting for this update, and Rovio Mobile has just announced that the anticipated Angry Birds Rio May 2011 Update (which was scheduled to be on May1) for iPad/iPod/iPhone will only be at around Mid-May.

      Check the below screen shot on their Twitter page regarding Angry Birds Rio May update:

  • jimmy.

    when is the MAY levels gonna come out for angry birds rio , its already may 6th

    • lostinRio

      Have you gotten an answer for this yet? I still haven't been able to get this may version.

  • Zzzzz

    May 10th and counting Rovio...TUT TUT!

  • Just Learning

    Sorry for this stupid question... but i have a IPhone (it's new to me), and somehow the sound has "stopped" for Angry Birds RIO.  Don't know what I did, but interesting enough, the sound to the "movie trailer" works. Any ideas where I screwed up?  

    • Salem520

      I had the same thing happen on my Iphone.  It was fine in the beginning, and it shows the sound is on, but it's dead silent.  Let me know if you figure it out! 

  • Hperry

    It's May 18th and I still can not get May 2011??? Help!! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucagabrielbostero Luca Manrrique


  • Chhotu

    this game is fantastic

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucagabrielbostero Luca Manrrique

      469¿vlafjhk valentin

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