Well, GDC week is behind us, and what a week it was! Our full staff convened in San Francisco early in the week and, between the lot of us, saw some truly inspiring upcoming titles and spent time with a huge number of absolutely great people -- developers and non-developers, alike. And while, by now, we've all made our way back to our own corners of the United States, there are still plenty of GDC stories in the pipeline!

One bit of GDC recap goodness that I wanted to share with readers is a short video I captured at the Independent Games Festival (IGF) area on the GDC show floor on Friday. A piece of professional cinematography it is not, with plenty of elbow-nudges and excuse-me's, but it does provide a glimpse of some of the indie games honored by the IGF, for both iOS and other platforms.

Music by Mick Rippon

TouchArcade has, so far, covered the Game Developer Conference for three years running, and every year's event has been an amazing experience and the most significant show of the year for iOS gaming. And, we can't wait for next year.