Oh, let’s not beat around the bush. Apple is poised to announce the iPad 2 on March 2nd, 2011. The tech giant’s marketing department has been firing off invitations to select outlets, including our very own, for an event scheduled for 10:00 AM at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. As you’ll see in the promotional art blasted our way, Apple is making it plain that it is indeed announcing a second-generation iPad on the heels of numerous rumors indicating that it would.

Not too subtle, eh? That’s why I’m biting the bullet here and avoiding “safe words” like probably, presumably, and all that jazz.

One thing we’re definitely not sure of is what will be included in the new iPad. An on-board camera and a potentially even a SD slot seem like a safe bet, but there’s a lot of speculation over the processor, screen, and potential mystery ports. Some people are suggesting it’ll boast a Retina Display and a beastly dual-core SGX543 GPU, but we won ‘t know for sure until March 2nd. We’ll be there, of course, and we hope you’ll join us for a week of insane coverage both at GDC and now at this Apple event.

  • JCGaga

    I think the one rumor that is really in speculation is the retina display. There are rumors that iPad 2 will have the same display and that the iPad 3 while have the retina. But I think the retina display was initially for smaller screens anyway since people hold phones closer to their faces than they do with tablets.

    But for sure iPad 2 will have cameras...and a coffee-making machine.

    • Adams Immersive

      A retina display (2x) is a safe bet eventually... but it remains unlikely until it can be produced in the same mass quantities as the 1024x768 display. If Apple sells 1/4 the iPads because they can’t get enough retina displays, that’s a problem! (Helped, in part, if Apple starts out with it only on high-end models at first.)

      I don’t expect a retina display or SD slot, but if it’s at least a little faster and a little lighter (plus at least one camera) I’ll be buying!

      • Delsa

        you're right, buddy, but SD slot will be actually on the iPad 2.
        forget about the Retina Display... 😀 lol

      • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

        But Retina display on a big screen isn't really needed. It's needed on smaller displays (eg. mobile phones, 7inch tablets) so you can read text more clearly. Expect that on the iPad 3 (7 inch), not the 10 inch.

  • Delsa

    the good thing of iPad 2 is that we'll be finally able to use the back of the device.
    I think that the touch screen panel for the back of the iPad 2 will be a great thing, especially for games.

    Hope it's not going to cost a fortune.

    • Sandersjunk

      Ipad 2 has been revealed. You are a lying liar.

  • Anonymous

    Retina is unlikely as I'd think it would cost a fortune at that screen size. Maybe there will be a resolution boost, but not to retina levels, but even that I think is unlikely because then we'll have iOS, iOS Retina, iOS HD and iOS HD Retina. That seems like a mess.

    • Delsa

      actually I've seen the real thing, the iPad 2, and it's definitely no retina display, buddy. the cool thing of iPad 2 is the back of the device; more like a trackpad of the new macbook pro.

      • Anonymous

        LOL. Why would you have seen it? Also I'm unsure why the back would be a touch pad unless it was easy and cheap for them to do that. I don't know why I'd want that, but I suppose devs would figure out some way to use it. Either way, random stranger doesn't exactly qualify as a trustable source. 🙂

      • Delsa

        well, we'll see soon... I don't feel like to write more because you'd make fun of me, but I've actually touched the real thing and the back is a touch pad. Played Angry Birds with that and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

      • Adams Immersive

        Angry Birds has a private version in testing that supports a new input method? How does it make game play superior to touching the birds visibly on the screen?

        I am skeptical 🙂

      • Delsa

        the first one you said, buddy....

      • Sandersjunk

        Never even heard this rumored. If it turns out to be true, then you are indeed "the man"

      • Adams Immersive

        All I want from the back is a flat surface that doesn’t wobble 🙂

      • Delsa

        will be flat, but it wobbles... I'd show you some photos, but then someone will sue me... :$

      • Adams Immersive

        We’ve seen the leaked case designs; I don’t mind tapering at the edges of those designs (in fact I like it) but at least the middle looks to be flat. Fingers crossed!

      • Delsa

        don't cross the fingers... ah, and the device itself is kinda poor

  • Delsa

    if you want to see some photos (that must remain private), feel free to contact me at delsa@tiscali.it.

    • Ggg

      how can you knos you specs of the next ipad if it isn't even released yet?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrzej-Raczynski/668591493 Andrzej Raczynski

    Retina on the ipad my a*s, only thing the thing needs is a 128gb version 🙂

  • spidey

    they just released the iPad officially in India! It's a different matter that tons of people had it before anyways. 🙂 Gloabalization FTW!

  • Savageotter10

    Looks the the dry cleaners will be busy this week, what with all the apple fanboys jizzing in their pants.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, wait, "we'll be there"? TouchArcade is getting invites to Apple events now? That's awesome. Will this mean first-person liveblog coverage on MacRumors in the future?

    Someone needs to fill Gizmodo's seat, after all.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      We usually get invited to Apple events. I did the iPhone 4 live blog on MacRumors last year. 😉

      • Delsa

        I actually don't remember that... sounds odd.

  • gee

    fiiiiiinnnnaaaaallyyyyyy, i been waiting forever.
    i hope is better than the 1gen, and apple dont forget the 2 damn CAMERAS.

  • merlinsbeards

    What IS happening in 2011? Oh yeah, it's one of the years I will age one more year old. Thanks Steve Jobs!