iPhone developer Moregames Entertainment has an impressive collection of games under their belt. iDracula [$2.99 / Lite] was one of the first really great dual stick shooters released on the App Store, and both Knights Onrush [99¢ / Lite] and Knights Rush [99¢] are great castle defense and action games set in a similar fantasy universe. One game you might not be too familiar with of theirs is Orions: Legend of Wizards [$4.99], a fairly complicated card-based battle game with a seemingly small but very hardcore following.

If you were a part of that following, you're in for a treat:

The sequel is set to land next month, and aside from a totally redone campaign mode, and even the ability to customize your decks for use in single duels. There is even going to be online multiplayer. The down side of all this is that the small but hardcore audience I mentioned earlier that loved the original aren't too happy to see many of the features and functionality originally slated for updates now appearing in a brand new game. Personally, I'm just glad to see them at all, as the original Orions was a ton of fun, and I can't wait to play it online.

For more information on the game, check out the thread in our forums.

  • Masterslive

    YES! I loved the first one, it was the best game i've ever bought since the iPod Touch 2G doesn't had so much great games. But this was fantastic, never thought of a sequel.

  • Kraivyne

    I am so glad TA posted this. I'm really looking forward to Orions 2. Hopefully it hits all the bases that Orions originally missed. imoregames are notorious for not supporting their games but seem to have advanced leaps and bounds recently by listening to their audience about including multiplayer.

  • Deadclown

    I CANNOT wait.

  • Dakinegrzine33

    Oh hell yes...tis is one of the best IOS games ever. Don't care that its a new game since it has MP. This is just awesome.

  • Ivosmo

    I'm soooo getting this. Thanks for posting 🙂

  • jaguard

    Here is the trailer in a better quality:

  • Itsgonnaendintears

    Hellzya! i still play Orions CPU duel daily. It has been my go to game for a couple years now probably. waiting in the grocery line, out having a smoke, on the pisser...

    problem has been that the first Orions never got the update it needed. sometimes when the CPU has maxxed out their cards on the board, it still casts out spell cards which is frustrating. especially when it casts endless paralyze spells, nothing you can do but lose.

    i've wanted new cards so this is awesome.

    my wish list: duel where you can choose your cards, greater mana gain according to your alliance (choose as air - get more air mana per round), stats (how many times you've won/lose vs difficulty degrees, speed, etc), local play via wifi, actually a "harder" than the hardest setting, being able to somehow use the trophies gained in the campaign side into the card side, and uh, making it all bug free.

    that's just the card side really. i liked the campaign but i haven't really played it at all since aquiring the items for each class. just not nearly the replayability of the card game.

  • Grx

    If they decide to ditch Ipod Touch 1G, I'm not going to be pleased.

  • nanokiwi

    Like many of you I have played literally hundreds of ipod games. But there is only one ipod game I have played hundreds of times - Orions

  • Dadasdas

    This better have all the cards from The Second Age as Deckmasters is their 3rd expansion for the windows phone os and the iOS game we currently have is the original version.

  • Gztugu6544

    I would love to see this game on android.

  • Khulle Sher

    Android version please........