If you weren’t paying attention to iOS gaming last Summer, then you may have missed a total gem called Pix’n Love Rush [99¢]. The best way to describe Pix’n Love Rush is to say that it’s the platforming genre’s answer to WarioWare. The goal is to run, jump, and shoot your way through various bite-sized platforming sections that appear quickly one after the other. As you scored well and built up your multiplier, the “skin” of the game would change to one of 7 different retro-gaming themes.

The action was frantic and fun in Pix’n Love Rush, and we really enjoyed the game in our review from last June. We also recommended it as a game to get in our 2010 Buyer’s Guide, I chose it as one of my personal favorites of 2010, and Apple even recognized it as one of “The Best Games You’ve Never Played”.

So while pretty much everyone had been enjoying the heck out of Pix’n Love Rush, it never really got any of the updates that had been talked about by the developers in our forums. It was updated last September with Game Center achievements and leaderboards, and a native iPad version called Pix'n Love Rush DX [$1.99] was released in December that included a few additional features, but none of the promised additional modes were ever added to the timed 5 minute and endless modes in the game.

Now, more than 8 months after the initial release, the iPhone version of Pix’n Love Rush is finally getting some update love. The big new addition in this latest update is an endless runner type of game called Cursed Rush. Here you automatically move to the right as you jump from platform to platform as they disappear from under your feet. There are five difficulty levels in this new mode, each with their own set layout of platforms. Scoring is based on the percentage of the level that you complete, so in this way it doesn’t really seem “endless” though I’m not totally sure what happens when you reach 100%.

Besides the Cursed Rush mode which is proving to be a ton of fun, there are a number of other welcome additions in this update. The menus have been redesigned and are more streamlined, and the long-awaited ability to flip the screen has finally been added. Also the controls feel much tighter, and you can now pause the game and move the virtual buttons around to better suit you, which is fantastic as I’ve always felt the jump and shoot buttons were too far apart. Finally, and best of all, there are two blank options on the mode selection screen that hint at additional modes to come soon (and one “not so soon”), so I’m really excited to see what’s in store next for Pix’n Love Rush.

If you already own the game then hurry to your iTunes and grab this latest update. If you’ve never heard of Pix’n Love Rush, it comes highly recommended if you like platforming games, high scoring challenges, or awesome retro graphics.

  • Rasty

    It's "iOS41 only" ! It does not work on iPhone1 (iOS313).
    iPhone1 is "too retro" for this retro game...

  • Matt

    This is my favorite game on the iPhone. I've been waiting for this update for so long. I'm a bit irritated that you still can't listen to your own music while playing, though.

  • jjjmedia

    When you reach 100% on a "cursed rush" level, you've beaten it and come to the end, so it's not a true "endless" mode.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/HR3TJBH4DKDZ247EQXTF3YG4NQ Montgomery

    Just checked my iPhone updates - nothing there.

  • Fredrik Jackson

    It should get levels that you can walk through yourself. No pushing and no automatic walk. Just jumping and getting those thingies you're supposed to get. Like LittleBigPlanet.

  • Panicccgoodbye

    I have been waiting for an update for this game forever. Best game out there. And like jjjmedia said, when you reach the end, being 100%, you have cleared that level. It says something cute and smart like, "Nobody's perfect, except you!" Anyone cleared them all yet? 3/5 here!

  • yanhua wu


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