Nothing says “business” quite like a baseball video game with the word “baseball” in the title, so make sure you’re sitting down for this one: Square Enix Europe has announced a game called Big Hit Baseball for the iOS.

Slated to release “soon” on the App Store and created by Beautiful Game Studios, Big Hit Baseball looks to be more of an arcade joint as opposed to a straight-faced simulation like, say MLB: The Show or whatever on the big consoles. In the press release issued this morning about the game, Square notes the “frantic” nature of the game and also talks up the fact that Big Hit features a total of three cup tournaments and 20 different teams.

Fans of Big Cup Cricket [.99 / Lite] and Championship Manager rejoice -- not only is your dev of choice involved in this project, but Square is heavily suggesting that Big Hit Baseball is being built off the foundation of those two games. Also, get ready for this: Big Hit will include a name editor. Now, there's no excuse for not having an entire team of Brad Nicholsons.

  • Victor Leichner

    square enix should probably stick to rpgs...

    • Jeff

      SE is just publishing. They didn't make it o_O

  • Mediere

    I always liked Square Enix releases.

  • Wombat247

    This is a fantastic game.