Fear not, Angry Birds fans, for more content is now available for your game of choice. In between their frequent dips in their money bin, the folks at Rovio Mobile managed to find the time to drop another update to its season version of Angry Birds, aptly titled Angry Birds Seasons [.99 / HD]. This time, it’s Valentine’s Day content.

As usual, you’ll find more swine to slay, though you’ll be stomping the little green fellas in levels with soft shades of pinks, blues, and reds. Also, as you’ll notice here, the structures in levels tackle Valentine’s themes and as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also fluffy little hearts that float. Overall, you're getting 15 levels and several new Achievements to earn.

Both versions of the game, the HD for iPad and the regular iPod and iPhone version, have received this update, so definitely go check this out if you’ve got a few more minutes. Or, hey, if you’re got a lot of time on your hands, send a Valentine’s Card from the game. Kidding (or am I!?)

In other news, Angry Birds [99¢ / HD] proper played a (very small) part in the Super Bowl last night, as a hidden code was featured in an ad for the upcoming movie Rio. Videos of anything to do with the Super Bowl or Super Bowl commercials have been disappearing from YouTube all day, but here's a decent one that's still up of the ad:

To unlock the secret level, go to level 13-12, and shoot the white bird backwards to bomb the hill that the birds are on. A football shaped golden egg will appear, which will then allow you to play a special Rio level. Upon beating said level, you'll be prompted to enter a contest to go to a special screening of the movie in Rio de Janeiro. If you don't feel like jumping through all of these hoops, you could just click here and enter the contest but that seems like much less fun.

  • CodingHero

    Not a single day without Angry Bird news, thanks a lot Touch Arcade.

    • Billy

      I agree. I wish, like in Macrumors.com, readers here also had the chance to rate articles "Positive" and "Negative."

    • Billy

      I agree. I wish, like in Macrumors.com, readers here also had the chance to rate articles "Positive" and "Negative."

    • Savageotter10

      No one's forcing you to read it. And like it or not new levels have always been covered. You need to grow a pair and grow up.

      • CodingHero

        No one force you to read my comment, I only stated my opinion.
        It's YOU who need to grow up.

      • Anonymous

        His comment WAS less intrusive on the site than this post, so... Yeah.

  • Moe

    I dont get why people like angry birds. I tried it out and i really didnt think it was good. I like peggle and plants vs zombies and I can understand why people like those games. But Angry birds?!! What is so good about it?!! You just throw a bird and hope you hit the pigs lol.

    • cmader

      There's actually quite of bit of strategy required in the game, especially when it comes to getting 3 stars in many of the levels. However, to finish most of the levels with only 1 star isn't too difficult so it appeals to both casual gamers and completionists alike. Plus it's just kinda cute and has awesome developer support. But, to each his own.

    • Christina

      Wow u really don't knOw the fun in games. And this is just a little part
      In the game "Angry Birds" if u want to see whats "so cool" about It
      Get the one where it has all 200 or more levels on it lol. Then u will
      Say "oooooh... Ok cool!" €£¥#•*•%!!! Lol 🙂

      • Christina

        Omg the message I wrote up there (the one before this one)
        It was a response to @Moe

  • Ahrel

    Just bought Seasons because it now has enough updates that I feel comfortable paying a buck (there's so much content in the other one for a buck, I needed parity). Unforutnately the Halloween & Christmas versions crash on me, on two different phoens. And I even took the time to restore my phone to factory defaults and reinstall 4.2.1, still crashes.

    It happens after finishing a level, when the score-screen should pop up, instead it bounces me back to the homescreen. Making this even more odd, the Valentines levels don't have this problem. I can play proper and see the score screen.

    Anybody else experiencing this?

    • B.

      I am experiencing that exact same thing in the same way you described. It must be a bug. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

    • cco805

      I'm having this problem too but only in the Halloween, really weird. The sound in both regular and seasons was out for a while too but I fixed it by restarting my iphone.

  • Anonymous

    Why would companies pull their commercials from YouTube? Isn't that... more people watching their commercials?

  • Stan

    Hey toucharcade, I love your site.
    I'm an avid forum poster, obviously "Stan", btw.
    The video you embedded just stole my video, took out the intro and outro and
    posted it as his own. (WTFFFFFF) I'd really appreciate it if you took it down.
    My ORIGINAL video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCYOdH4n3TM

    Thanks. 🙂