No need to lead you on here. I think Puzzle Quest 2 [$4.99] is a fantastic game and a must-have if you’re a fan of the first game, match-3 or even loot-based RPGs. It's even universal, and plays great on every device. I realize I’m tossing out a huge net, but it’s just that good of game. And now, for a limited time, it’s just about half off on the App Store, down from its original $9.99 price point.

I know there are only three people left on the planet who haven’t seen or checked out Puzzle Quest. The game is, you know, popular (and available on basically ever platform capable of playing a modern video game on). But in the interest of those three poor, poor souls out there, here’s a basic rundown via our review:

Puzzle Quest 2 is a match-3 title drenched in RPG trappings. You'll start the game by picking from a crop of traditional fantasy classes, each with their own abilities, and then be thrust into a medieval world with a lot of problems. People will want you to fetch them items, explore places, or kill monsters.

You can level up, equip weapons and items, craft even more, and navigate dungeons one grid at a time. Like in the previous Puzzle Quest, movement is restricted to following a developer-created path. You do not have complete control of your dude. But, really, that never matters. This is a game about killing, not meandering.”

So, yeah, feel free to pick it up. In the notes, publisher Namco isn’t giving up when this sale will end, but I have feeling -- and it’s just a feeling -- that it’ll last through this coming weekend.

  • Cat Astrophy

    It's worse than the first imo. There's a minigame practically every time you take a breath and even the small battles take much longer than they did in the first game. It's not the right way to add gameplay hours.

    "I know there are only three people left on the planet who haven’t seen or checked out Puzzle Quest. "

    One of them is one of your article writers. It's the person who reviewed Dungeon Raid (I forget his name...Jared something I think).

  • Guypussy

    Anyone know how the game performs on a 3G? Like sh*t I assume?

  • Anonymous

    I have an iP4, so I can't say, but this game is bad with bugs. It needs an update big time. If you buy now, you have to think of it an an investment on a game that might be good in the future. Right now it's not. Check the later pages of the forum discussions for details.

  • John

    "It's even universal, and plays great on every device"

    It plays like crap on my iPhone4, really slow, and full of bugs. But I hope blatant misinformation like this will encourage sales and outrage so the devs fix the problems.

  • Frank Boosman

    I have an iPhone 4 and PQ2. Do you remember the original PQ? How amazingly addictive it was? How it was focused and fast and fun? Yeah, PQ2 is none of those things. I gave up after 20 minutes. And I was really, really looking forward to it -- I played through the original PQ twice.

  • Rad

    The touch arcade review looks like a glowing review. Looking at the reviews on ITunes paints a totally different picture.

  • Chumbake

    I'm one of those three people that hadn't checked out Puzzle thanks.

  • Parranoya

    I like the game quite a bit. There is a new challenge with the action thingies ( weapons and such) that makes is more strategic.

  • FastOne

    I finished it on my iPad, but it was a long and slow slog. Took days of playing. The first was better by far. The second is not as funny and more forgettable.

  • Velox

    Touch arcade on commission or something? No one else in the world seems to like it!

  • Chris Matchett

    I'm only a bit into the game but I love it so far. I think playing it on an iPad makes a huge difference.

  • Fokion

    Loved the game on DS and XBLA - action is more focused and more strategic than PQ1 but not as ambitious and/or competitive. Thing is, the iOS version is missing the multiplayer, which is the only major motivation to slog through the campaign in order to kit out your hero.

  • Bryan

    Is this game like Dungeon Raid? If so, great. Loved that game, let me know if they both are similar

    • MisterDrgn

      Not really. Personally, I liked PQ 1 a lot more than Dungeon Raid. There's a whole lot more depth, as you're playing through a whole campaign, with many many fights, rather than just playing one continuous fight until you die. Also, you're competing against opponents who have their own boards (i.e., they're trying to match stuff too), their own skills, etc.

  • Andrew Cambalik

    I was going to jump on this one since I loved PQ1, but after reading the reviews on iTunes I'll pass. I'd rather wait until they fix the game. Half price or not.