Chaotic Box’s Silverfish [99¢/Lite] is an intense arcade-style avoidance game with flashy retro graphics and fast-paced gameplay. We really enjoyed Silverfish when we reviewed the game back in November, and we also really liked the brand new Haste mode that was added in an update just a couple of weeks ago. Despite all of this positivity towards Silverfish, though, the game never really seemed to catch on with mainstream App Store gaming populace.

Now there’s no reason not to at least give the game a try, as Chaotic Box has just released Silverfish Free into the App Store. Silverfish Free features a single game mode based on the Reaper mode from the full version of the game. This free version is ad-supported, but does contain full Game Center integration for competing on high score leaderboards and unlocking achievements. It even contains two exclusive achievements not found in the full version.

Silverfish Free is a great way to get a taste of the regular Silverfish without having to pony up any dough. Should you decide to upgrade to the paid version, you’ll get an unlimited Reaper mode along with 3 additional play modes, as well as many more achievements and leaderboards through Game Center. Silverfish really is one of the best games that you aren’t playing, and players in our forums have been loving it since release. Check out this new lite version, and if you dig it, the full version of Silverfish is still currently on sale for 99¢.

  • Adams Immersive

    I assumed (just like everyone else) that this was a dual-stick shooter; or something similar with a non-dual-stick control scheme.

    It’s nothing like a shooter, and a lot of fun. I thought “this feels like Pac-Man” and then I looked at the App Store reviews and others have said the same thing. Which is weird, considering the screen shots could hardly be farther from Pac-Man. But the controls are just like iOS Pac-Man (no bad thing), you’re running from enemies instead of shooting them, and you’re “munching” powerups to survive!

    • Fargol

      This and Tilt to Live are modern Pac-Mans indeed. 😉

  • Lukwtwz

    One wouldn't expect a 30-pod limited Reaper mode in the free version to be that intriguing, but the limit ends up making that mode thought provoking in terms of numerical scoring, since strategy will tend to triumph over tactics when it's not possible to make up for sloppy strategy through longer survival. I highly recommend both this and the paid version.

  • Caiman

    I also overlooked this game at first, but it's a finely balanced cross between the gameplay of the pacifism mode in Geometry Wars and Pac-Man. Should be on everyone's device.

  • Marvin88v

    Everybody should jump on the sale price because I read the creator of the game said it's never going free. Anyway everybody should have this game in their library cause it is a modern take on pacman!

  • Coldar

    Sorry for this but tried the lite and found the controls being very awkward to use. Maybe the reason why it never caught on?

    • amroc

      They're not awkward. I guess perhaps they're not intuitive (to some people), but once you get the feel for them, they work great. I think it's possibly one of the best controlling touch screen arcade games out there. It's a great shame that it 'never caught on', if that's the case. Often the best controls aren't the most intuitive.

  • Alan Smithee

    I found the controls bally frustrating at first. I'd swipe down on the touchscreen, and the little fella would go right, etc.

    Went into settings and raised the swipe sensitivity way up. Seemed to help. Not having any problems now, in any case. Damned addictive little game. Missed an appointment at the bank this afternoon thanks to it.

  • Jay Won

    Tilt to live is so much better