Have I ever told you that I love the Seahawks? I do because if it weren’t for Marshawn Lynch’s thunder thighs and ridiculous stiff arm, the New Orleans Saints would have had another chance at the Superbowl.

I bring this up because first off the Saints beat out my Colts last year and that still bothers me like an eternal pimple on an otherwise spotless forehead and secondly there’s a new version of Madden 11 [$4.99 / HD / Lite] on the App Store, a free version that lets you play out the first quarter of a Colts vs. Saints exhibition match-up. That's not the Superbowl, but it's just close enough for me.

Now, if you’re going to download this I humbly request that you put up as many points on the Saints as humanly possible. Honestly, it’s only proper that you give the virtual Colts their chance at the Lombardi trophy. The Saints stole that thing, man. Stole it!

In all seriousness, you need to download this free app if you don't already own Madden 11 iOS proper. We liked Madden 11 quite a bit in our review, and thought the new automatic play picking system was a great addition. If you like the free version, cool, the main game is for you. If not, well, you probably want to stay away.

  • Yanley504

    Damn right we smoke the colts, I think I hate touch arcade now because of the biased opinions toward the colts! Haha jk who dat saints super how'll 44 champs forever XD

  • Mojo

    It was Marshawn Lynch not Marshall...so much for a seahawks fan 😉

  • osujxu

    browns ftw

  • eli

    F the colts. We dat.

  • vikingsfan

    you're right; they stole it -- from the vikings! that nfc championship game had some of the most bizarre calls in the history of nfc championship games. perhaps the colts would have won in a vikings-colts superbowl, but the vikes should have at least been there to try.

  • http://www.ultimatesportspsychology.com Sports Psychology

    Thanks! I am going to try it out. Go Colts!