While we weren't too crazy about Dungeon Defenders: First Wave [$2.99] in our review, we have no problem getting behind any developer committed to continually supporting their games. We've already posted about Trendy Entertainment's intentions to add completely cross-platform multiplayer, and on Christmas Eve, they released this teaser trailer for Dungeon Defenders: Arena.

Trendy is referring to the arena as a "PvP expansion", so we're not really sure quite yet whether this is going to be a free update, a whole new app, or some kind of DLC. We hope with all of these feature additions they have time to address some of the control issues, as once all of these Dungeon Defenders updates hit, we're going to have an iOS game on our hands with an insane feature set.

For more information on Dungeon Defenders, check out the game's thread in our forum. Alternatively, if you've already got the game and are just looking for people to play with, we've got a thread for that too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grant-Butler/529725117 Grant Butler

    Yet I just want a proper seamless world MMO

  • Shanatenay

    I was hoping some sort of "Dungeon Defenders: Dungeon Quest" action rpg would come out.
    I dig the graphics, but I'm not into the defense and management parts.
    An action rpg would cure the menu clutter I've heard people complaining about.

    • Funkyflychicken

      A standard action-rpg would make it just like any other dual stick shooter/action-rpg lite on the app store. It's the merging of the tower defense AND action-rpg elements that makes the game stand out like it does.

      I'll admit it's a bit to learn and adjust to at times, but I'm a 3rd gen (3GS) iPod Touch user having a blast with it.

      Can't wait to see this Arena update once the GameSpy cross-platform play hits. I refuse to play the game online via GameCenter.

      • Anonymous

        1) do you have a personal vendetta against Game Center or something? It works fine.
        2) where can I get a 3GS iPod Touch?

      • Funkyflychicken

        The 3GS was the 64GB (and 32GB) model of the iPod Touch 3rd Gen. The smallest 3rd gen model (16gb I think) isn't true 3rd gen, as it is running old hardware.

        I have no vendetta against GameCenter, I just think it wasn't needed by Apple and they could have focused on something more important for the iOS devices, and incorporated an existing service into iOS instead. It's fine for achievements, but the inviting and all for games was terrible in Dungeon Defenders. I tried it one evening a few times, and quit.

        The general concensus was that it was issues with GameCenter, although I see their new patch contains GameCenter related fixes, so who knows what the GC performance will be like. I still don't like GameCenter though for that, and Dungeon Defenders will be using GameSpy for cross platform play on ALL devices (including console and PC), so obviously I'm more interested in that.

      • http://twitter.com/NoSuperMan ImNoSuperMan

        You sure about consoles? AFAIK, it'll be cross play between iOS, Android and PC. Dont think there is any chance either MS or Sony will allow cross platform gaming.

        And Gamecenter was definitely needed coz OF, Plus+, Glive just werent cutting it. Too much fragmentation. GC is free. It gives a lot more opportunity to indie devs as they dont need to bother setting up their own servers for online multi. Sure there are some issues with GC but nothing which cant be fixed with time. Only thing you wont be getting out of GC is the cross platform implementation but other than that, GC is definitely better than any other option out there.

  • andrzej raczynski

    somehow i don't see this making the game any less choppy to play on the ipad. its been collecting digital dust since the day i bought it thanks to slow/choppy gameplay.

    • Funkyflychicken

      There is a patch coming January 2, 2011 that addresses iPad and iPhone/iPod performance issues. Supposed to be a HUGE increase in resource management and therefor game speed. It can get a little choppy on my iPod Touch in the harder difficulties with more advanced towers (and visual effects going off), sometimes making it harder to control. I'm hoping this is non-existant after the patch, because that (and the camera) are the only gripes I've had.

      They are also adding familiars (pets) to the game somehow, with this patch... so not sure how that will affect performance. Hope it doesn't, but that's a cool add-on already, and Arena isn't too far off! The PvP play for this game will be AMAZING, if they get the framerate and online play smoothed out.

  • Ommor

    While I really dig the idea behind this I need a real proper update of the control system to give it another try. I don't know why people insist on adding d-pads on touchscreen games. In this case there is simply NO benefit to it.

    Why on earth not make it point and click?

    • Funkyflychicken

      Because during a campaign/challenge map battle, there is too much going on for accurate tap control on an iPod screen. Some of these issues are just due to being such a huge, complex game on a small screen, but after time I do believe (as many others who stuck with it) that it becomes almost second nature.

      The D-Pad really does work well, I just wish it was transparent so if you aren't moving you can see behind it. Clicking your character and dragging in the direction to move is another control idea (or a floating d-pad), but these would make it hard for them to implement a swipe-to-move camera (which is more badly needed imo).

      I hate the auto-camera in the game, and wish I could just turn it off and swipe the screen on occasion to adjust angle. That (and slowdown that is supposed to be fixed in the Jan. 2 patch) are the only issues I've had.

    • Tino

      They did. It's not the default control method but it's there. It's also the control method the developers seem to use.

      Do you see a d-pad in that video?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Hall/717433594 Matthew Hall

    I didn't enjoy this at all.

  • oliath

    Game was horrible.
    The tutorial was one of the worst things i have experienced on the iphohe so far.
    I think i played this for about ten minutes before deleting it.

    There are too many great titles out there at the moment for something as unpolished as this to be worthy of taking up any space on my phone.

  • Idontlikethispostsystem

    Aralon is a bag of bugs, ton more than Dungeon Defenders and Aralon got the GOTY, can I smile?

    If you can't go over the tutorial why comment the game? Just comment the Tutorial.

    Yes the tutorial is awful but this is a great game once you past the tutorial. Even it's single player mode is rather amazing, fresh new type of game, very fun and a lot more worthy than a copy of old stuff like Aralon.

  • http://www.theageofknights.com NoThru22

    DD was the best $3 I've ever spent on iPad and is by far my most played game out of the 100 or so I've bought since I've owned it. Fire the reviewer!

  • Tino

    On what device does this game run that well? It's choppy as all hell on my 3gs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cat-Astrophy/100000838113704 Cat Astrophy

    I'm just waiting for the update patch that allows 4.1 devices to play. It's too soon to force people who aren't crazy about being early adopters with new OS builds (since every new one brings new bugs and may fix bugs that don't affect your personal use), that and jailbreakers...4.2 is still tethered, I believe, which is a huge PITA that no indie game is going to remedy.

  • Anonymous

    So this is another game but with same login so u can play with the same characters

  • Anonymous

    So this is another game but with same login so u can play with the same characters

  • Arr4ws

    i hope this is a free update. We paid good money for the game i think , and with all the problems riddling the game , we deserve something.

    The game is good , and will be better when the update is out!