Apparently taking a hint from Rovio with two versions of their game, Angry Birds [99¢ / HD] and Angry Birds Seasons [99¢ / HD], Doodle Jump [99¢ creators Lima Sky just released Doodle Jump Christmas Special [99¢]. The game is basically little more than Doodle Jump with a Christmas theme, which is a-ok by me.

If you already own Doodle Jump, I'm not sure how much sense there is to re-buy the Christmas Special, but if you're the kind of person who likes endless jumping games who also happens to like Christmas, I can think of worse ways to spend 99¢. Doodle Jump Christmas Special is home to both Game Center and some fantastically detailed Retina Display graphics, and all the new Christmas enemies couldn't be cuter.

  • Colin

    Oh, I see what you did there.

  • TheFrost

    i think i found two new gameplay elements, a big white guy who resists multiples shots and a platform made of ice that breaks fast but support you weight. correct me if im wrong. i wish this game get game center

    • TheFrost

      gamecenter came in now

  • Anonymous

    Thumbs down for this new trend of 'update' games like this. At least make these in app purchases.

  • Absolut_Nelson

    I thought Lima Sky always said updates will always be free on Doodle Jump? It said it on their App Store listing 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I'm not going to buy it, buying it will encourage game developers to sell Christmas-themed editions of their games separately just to make more money. Greedy pricks!

    • Stephen

      Yeah because charging $.99 is greedy. Come on.

      • Boo

        $0.99 cents is not much, but this still encourages developers to retheme games as christmas and make like $2000 off something that costs $50.

  • jefftron

    Seriously just make these in-app purchases already.

  • Anonymous

    Purchased the original when it came out - and yes, it was fun and addictive at that time, but I would never purchase this separate holiday version - inapp OR outapp .

  • Mr T Bailey

    I'm getting it as I love Doodle Jump and also just out of wanting to support Lima Sky, I think they have done a great job of things so far.

  • emtking

    My best guess is that Lima Sky wants to keep their doodle jump under 20 MB and this would put it over the limit with the mutiplayer coming soon and all.

  • Igor

    @emtking - correct, wanted to do it as an update but we could just not fit all the gorgeous new graphics and still keep it under 20mb, and we just couldn't take anything out. that said, both this one and the original will continue to get free updates.

  • MarkEightThree

    The original Doodle Jump already has a built-in Christmas theme from last year. Makes this release kind of pointless...

  • MikeT


    For me the best game in the same style of doodlejump, this is Gaston The Superball!
    I like this game, I play every day...