If you thought last week's onslaught of releases was nuts, it's starting to look like this week will be even more insane. Aside from all the other games coming out this Thursday (or Wednesday night for us Americans), you can also add Gameloft's NOVA 2 to that list. Also, since this is the last Thursday before the pre-Christmas iTunes Connect lock out, it's safe to assume any game you've heard rumblings about being released this holiday season will also be appearing for download.

This new NOVA 2 trailer shows quite a bit of vehicular combat, which has always been my favorite part of Halo games. Of course the NOVA 2 thread in our upcoming games forum is going crazy with anticipation, and we'll do our best to provide an in-depth look at the game as soon as its released.

  • Klouud


    • Jiya

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  • Joel

    Looks decent, but the mounted minigun thing is getting a bit old, Gameloft.

    • Killercow

      Yup but at least we've got more diversity now with playable vehicules and the like

  • Chusky

    This game should be named "Polygons war" !
    Graphics looks like they are 3 years old !!! Gameloft is just a copycat with no talent inside...

    • Anonymous

      Thats pretty ridiculous, the original Nova was cutting edge and these graphics are definitely better. More importantly, the game is smooth and appears to be quite large. The next gen games like Infinity Blade and Rage are all well and good, but they don't have any depth, and theyre already gigantic (400mb-1.2 gb) Its going to be months or years before we see an action game with the length and graphics of these titles

      • Adams Immersive

        And there’s a trade-off between graphics speed and game logic/complexity. A game that looks as good as Rage and Infinity Blade is not going to run as fast if it’s doing more. Sometimes (on any platform) you trade graphical complexity for the amount of stuff happening.

      • Killercow

        Well not exactly, dungeon defenders is deeper than infinity blade (in terms of features) and is made with the unreal engine 3. Clocking at 300mb (and for 2.99$) the game should be available this week.

      • Anonymous

        Its a tower-d game, building one is much simpler than what goes into an open world rpg or a halo style shooter, the gameloft 1st person shooters are all 300-400 mb, and thats before you're packing graphics like IB or Rage. Those games are going to have a long dev time (nothing against the developers, making console games takes years after all). We haven't even seen Aralon yet, and that's a generation behind the engines we're talking about.

    • x999x

      @Chusky, you must be new to iphone gaming because this Gameloft argument is old hat these days. Yeah, we get it, but you know what you don't get? No one else is bringing these games to iOS, so we'd rather have something than nothing. Luckily for us, Gameloft does a damned fine job at what they do.

  • Blackryn0

    wow great games coming!!


    Sweet niblets! D:

  • Dandarya11

    Im personally not too fond of the forensics of the game myself. honestly, the trailer looked choppy and mediocre. another pet peeve of mine is terrible trailers.

    while you guys pretend to enjoy this atrocious game by gameloft, im gonna go play me some papi jump.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • LBG

    Haters gonna hate...

  • http://twitter.com/eaglefast Francesco Pacchioni

    I see no difference between nova1 and nova2... same graphics... mmmm....

    • LBG

      The graphics are definitely much better than the original. It might not seem like it in the video, but the full 960 x 640 screenshots look so much better than the first game.

    • LBG

      The graphics are definitely much better than the original. It might not seem like it in the video, but the full 960 x 640 screenshots look so much better than the first game.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I'd say a video is a better example of how a game will actually look as you play it than a screenshot...

      • LBG

        Buy the video loses so much quality through the processing and uploading. Plus your computer's screen doesn't have the same pixel density as a 4th generation idevice.

  • andrzej raczynski

    neat, the trailer graphics do look very dated though, hopefully that's the nonretina/nonipad version.

    • Anonymous

      The iPad/iPhone 4 version will use the same models. My guess is they are keeping the older models supported, that's why they look so damn blocky like an N64 game.

  • Klouud

    Yes, these graphics look dated... if you compare them to consoles. Come on people! We all know that iOS devs are limited by file size and price range. Sure, gameloft could have made the cut scenes in HD... but would it have been worth the extra cost? Probably not.

    If you want super hardcore games then shut up and play your PSP... oh... and you'll be spending at least $45 per game. Have fun!

  • Anonymous

    I'm guessing this will be compatible with all iPhones and touches. I'm hoping that's the case because I really enjoyed the first NOVA and would like to play this one as well.

    • Sp4der

      Well, unfortunatly gameloft still doesn't have a good anti-aliasing ...they're going for high-rez textures now (as you can see at that palmtree), but the edges of that plane still look awful.

  • LBG

    For all you people bitching about the graphics, click on these two links, take a good stare and then come back and tell me if you think the graphics look worse than the original.



  • Anonymous

    This better have more than 8 levels or you wont get my money.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JZIZ6NLYZDGC52DL4QEVBIALMU Hackmodford

    I would buy the app for the multiplayer alone. I still have fun playing nova but only on the multiplayer.

    What I REALLY want is an intelligent AI comparable to something like Halo. I don't like the scripted performances, where enemies always just popout at the same point.

    So now there's two games on my list for the 16th Aaralon (did I spell that right?) & Nova 2

    • Anonymous

      Same here! And with Gameloft's Starcraft knockoff coming next month, I'm definitely excited for my iPad/iPhone

  • Shiz

    Wow Halo Reach! =P

  • Geesonrob

    Just a big slab of graphical excrement after just being spoilt by Infinity Blade! (Sorry but it is!)

  • Idiot Above Me

    If Infinity Blade had more characters and events happening on screen it wouldn't look as good.

  • some stranger

    Can you really judge graphics based on a YouTube clip?
    I mean, what's the resolution for a flash-based video?

    • Ezekiel

      If you don't know what's the resolution for a youtube flash video then you can't really judge anything based on graphics. You lack the technical-eye for making any judgment. Limit yourself to play games as they are given to you. oka?

  • Henry

    And gameloft choose to try and steal aralons sales by releasing on the same day... Nova 2 is gunna be good but you haven't made change my mind on what I'm getting gameloft, aralon is mine on the 16th

  • Russel Johnson

    meh. havent even played the first nova that much and this doesnt look too amazing. there isn't a big difference in graphics like modern combat...

  • Pipo33

    It seems that some frustrated players come here to spread their shit. Dudes, if you want better graphics, buy a console, cause actually Gameloft made the best FPS available on appstore. Controls are intuitive and smooth, NOVA and MC2 are fun and graphics are correct with retina display, so if u prefer playin a FPS on rail or playin a boring and repetetive game like infinity blade or even downloading about 1Giga of textures this is your problem...