If you've got a taste for peg legs, hook hands, fine vintage grog, the open sea, loot, and refined civilization simulations, this is your afternoon. Free-to-play specialist ngmoco has released the evolution of We Rule [Free] on the App Store this afternoon. The game is called Adventure Bay [Free / HD] and it's a curious blend of all the above with a touch of slick art and your typical F2P annoyances, such as long wait times.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Adventure Bay is its quest system, a component that ngmoco has added to We Rule since its initial release. When you're waiting for crops to grow or a building to finish being built in Adventure Bay, you can take off in a ship to an island with various bits of loot. This, of course, isn't an instantaneous thing -- trips take time and the adventuring itself takes place on a dull grid with limited moves available to you -- but you can grab a few friends to speed up the process. The loot you fetch, in turn, can be cashed in for gold, buildings or items when combined with other bits of loot.

Adventure Bay is fresh, fun, and above all, free, so give it a shot if you need another title in your freemium rotation. Lord knows I need a couple more.

  • Leegames

    Tried it earlier today. Seems decent, but I have to say I am getting tired of the blurry kind of graphics, that seems to be the norm on these kind of games.


    Not bad... Add robo9225 if you wish...

  • http://dendory.net Dendory

    I tried it, it's ok but kinda annoying how you have to stay on the quest screen to finish them and such. I prefer WeCity.

  • http://twitter.com/joshwyatt Joshua Wyatt

    After Rolando I was looking forward to great things from ngmoco but all these samey freemium games makes me sad that they're more interested in raking in the dough than making creative games.

  • http://twitter.com/iMoby iMoby

    SERIOUSLY!!!!! SERIOUSLY NGMOCO!! WTF happened to you guys. LATELY all of your games are the exact same as previous ones, except different skins placed on them. Eliminate and star wars academy. SAME GAME, different skin. We rule and this piece of shit, SAME GAME different mother fraking skin. I HAVE LOST ALL respect in you guys.

  • Anonymous

    It's like they fired all their engineers and hired a bunch of interns. Way to go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=720087749 Dominic Chua

    Artwise this looks like it took a page from Zynga Games' Facebook-based 'Treasure Isle'.

  • Kaixintianyi

    and me ID:tianyiwang also play we rule and we city

  • iHamlet

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  • Mike

    I'm so tired to these freemium building games... I'm not even going to download them for free anymore... but I absolutely love PROPER building games, it's too bad that these freemium titles have destroyed proper building games.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1478086136 Luther Yong

    Add me if you guys want =D

  • http://twitter.com/dusser Rasmus Andersson

    I have to agree with the people above me. It really is a shame what ngmoco has become. Meanwhile, Hand Circus that made Rolando has gone on to create what looks like a great game for the PS3 (http://vimeo.com/17516895).

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  • G420

    im at level 15 but i dont see the tropical cottage or hideout anywhere...

    • jcaywood11

      You have to purchase them from the Island Expansion page, just keep scrolling to the right. Add me πŸ™‚ jcaywood11

  • Rh1ann

    I think it's an interesting take on WR Quest. Of City, Farm and Quest - Quest is my favourite. I enjoy going to friend's lands and getting a present for going -sorta. I'm hoping Adventure Bay will tweak the questing a bit to make it more user friendly - or at the very least - release information on how to do things [helping friends quest for example], so we're not left trying to figure out how the heck to do things.

    I always liked pirate movies and such so I'm hoping this will become a fave along with Quest.

    I am rh1ann. You can also add ellylons525 and mkslifer to your lists. πŸ™‚

  • kiaiwee

    We Rule Quests - level 40
    Adventure Bay - level 14

    Add me! =)


  • kiaiwee

    Does anyone know what the strength of each character is? I know that Tiny can break rocks with one hit. is there a list?


  • Kylerec

    My "Social" tabs links me to only 6 although I've friended others. People who aren't shown are trading with me. I can't quest with them. What do I do?

  • Seesawgirl

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