Developer Gameloft is holding an Advent Calendar promotion over their Twitter account and will be tweeting a free gift every day until December 25th. Seeing as today is December 1st, it appears that they wanted to start things off with a bang, as today's free gift comes in the form of the iOS port of vehicular mischief game Driver [Free].

Driver is an open world driving game that was originally released on Playstation and PC over a decade ago. It's similar to the 3D Grand Theft Auto games, except you don't ever leave your car, and was considered one of the classics of the time. Gameloft did a marvelous job porting the game to iOS last December, keeping most of the game intact and giving it a slight graphical makeover. We really liked it in our review, and recommended it at its initial price of $6.99. Now that Driver is free for a day, there's no excuse not to pick it up.

If you are hip to the Twitters, then you can follow Gameloft to check out what other kind of freebies will be in store during this month. I wouldn't expect a big name title to drop to free every single day or anything, but it should be worth keeping up with just to see what kind of free stuff you can score. At any rate, a free copy of Driver is a great way to kick off the promotion, and I'd highly suggest downloading the game while you can.

  • Shi Songhua

    got it.

  • JoE DigiTECH

    Thanks for the scoop Jared. I spread the word over at

  • Guido

    Is this game adapted to the retina display?

    • Anonymous


    • ImNoSuperMan

      Ahem, "not Yet" will be a better answer. Gameloft has updated a lot of their old games with retina display so I wont be surprised if an update for Driver enables this.

  • Ffuh

    What a bad game.

  • Theorioles33

    This game is a port from the PC original. Thats it. Fun nonetheless.

  • ph0lly

    Got this for 0.99 a while back, it didn't seem as fun as I remeber it on the PSX. Not sure because it's so old or because of the controls but for free why not get it 🙂

  • Speed22

    Just GREAT !!!

  • Speed22

    Just GREAT !!!

  • I_am_Superman

    Thank you, Gameloft!

  • RogerG

    Glad I didn't buy this, it a straight port and nothing else.
    Also buggy, open options from in game and you're left with the status bar for the rest of the game... how do simple bugs like that get past quality control? do they not test these things..?
    But it's free so can't really complain.

  • EastsideStompers

    From the first couple of minutes playing it's decidedly mediocre compared to Gameloft's more recent offerings. But I suppose free is free...

    • EastsideStompers

      but then again, boring is boring.....deleted.

  • Mark007

    ^ There is no pleasing some girls.....

  • Anonymous

    Free? What the heck.

    Speaking of old driving games, I'd love to see Carmageddon released for iPad!

    • Mr_razer

      I would love to see that too. Man that would be sweet

  • ItsMeJenz

    Too bad i've already paid full price on almost everything Gameloft have released

    • Anonymous

      Sucks for you.

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