Last week we detailed an upcoming update to EA Mobile and Pixelbite's Reckless Racing [99¢] and Reckless Racing HD [$4.99]. This new update includes the previously iPad only track “The Island” added into the iPhone version of the game, and both versions of Reckless Racing get a brand new track called “Frozen Lake” and two new playable characters, “Granny” and “Boss”. Just a few hours ago, this update went live in the App Store and is now available for download. I spent a bit of time checking out the new content, and can say that the new tracks and vehicles are a welcome edition to Reckless Racing.

The Island track will already be familiar to owners of the iPad version, and is a nighttime course with some beautiful lighting, a couple of shortcuts, and a cliff to fall off of if you aren't careful. Frozen Lake is a snow covered level that partially takes place on dirt and partially on – you guessed it – a frozen lake. This is a really curvy track, and coupled with the slippery conditions you can expect to be power sliding around every turn while a couple of snowmen cheer you on from the sideline. Like the other tracks in the game, the two new tracks come with both regular and reversed versions to race on.

As for the new characters, Boss drives what appears to be a long, pink, Cadillac-style car and Granny is a sweet old lady who drives a beefy monster truck. Both vehicles seem to have tremendous power and speed, but at the cost of extremely difficult handling. With Granny on Frozen Lake, I can hardly even gain enough traction to get moving as the tires just endlessly spin on the frozen terrain. These new vehicles will likely offer something new for those who are willing to invest time with them, but so far I'm feeling much more comfortable with my old friend Cletus.

Seeing as our chief complaint in our review of Reckless Racing when it was released was an overall lack of content, I'm really happy to see that the game is receiving updates adding new vehicles and tracks. I can only hope that this trend continues into the future. If you currently own either Reckless Racing or Reckless Racing HD, make sure to grab this latest download and check out the new stuff. And if you have yet to pick up either version of the game, you had better hurry as the iPhone version is still currently 99¢ but the iPad version has since risen back to its normal price of $4.99.

Update: It appears from the disgruntled comments here and in our forums that the update has yet to reach the international version of Reckless Racing. Hopefully EA doesn't go all "Heroes Lore" with this update and it will be available to international players relatively soon.

Update 2: And just like that, the update for the international version of Reckless Racing is starting to filter out to international App Stores. Enjoy.

  • Zacandthedog

    This is great news as I hope that they will continue to update with new tracks. Also, I don't know that there's any reason to worry about the iPhone price going up from $.99 anytime soon seeing as that's been the price for a month now.

  • WildWayz

    Not out in the UK yet tho - still showing September 29th as post date.

    • ImNoSuperMan

      EA games have 2 versions. One for US and another one for rest of the world (some thing to do with accounting I guess). US version of reckless racing got the update but the international version hasnt yet. Should be available soon though.

  • Matt Morphett

    Not in Australia yet either : (

  • Unclelimey

    Here's hoping they change the name under the icon to get rid of the dots which break up the title 'Reckl...acing' is just unforgivable !'

  • Speed22

    True 🙂
    Btw. i download new update right now 🙂

  • Josh

    This is good progress, but I still think they need to add some kind of progression to add some interest to the game. I beat all tracks on all three tiers in a few hours and I was done with it. The other modes are weak—the racing is the best.

  • Speed22

    Maybe demolution derby mode xD ?

  • Brett Archibald

    Hey EA, how about some love for the non-US people for a change... Y'know, seeing as it's almost Christmas an' all...

  • smochina4000

    Not yet in Romania...:((

  • Klas

    Not yes in Germany

  • Zdhki

    Not available in the german AppStore :(.

  • rkbcp

    Same here in Indonesia 🙂 Why is that ?

  • GiHubb

    Yeah I do hope it hits international AppStores soon. It's a fine racing game and lack of tracks are indeed the only draw back. I do hope they also add eventually the downtown track where you pass next to the beach (can't remember the name) which is available on the iPad - I played it on a friend's iPad and it was my favorite track, I do hope it becomes available on the iPhone soon as well.

  • Jim

    not yet in austria 🙁

  • ImNoSuperMan

    Aaannnnd the update for international version is Out Now.

  • HawkEyeTS

    You know, I can't help but wonder why this game wasn't made universal from the start at this point. Not only did the price plummet to rock bottom within weeks of its release, biting early adopters there, but the extra map on the iPad, supposedly touted as a feature of that version (and presumably incentive for the higher price) is now on both.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for feature parity, and I dislike when one version has something you can't get on another, but much like the iPad version of Angry Birds, I can't help but feel like the higher price point is increasingly becoming a money grab and has absolutely no relation to quality or features of the app itself. I really wish they'd just make the game they want to make as universal, and charge what they need to for that. Even if the price ends up being essentially the same, mentally I just feel far less burned since I knew from the start what I was getting into rather than seeing all the contortions of the various versions afterward.

  • fartsquad

    This game needs gamecenter in the worst way. Im pretty bored with it in its current state.

  • HawkEyeTS

    Why on earth was my previous comment deleted? I think it's pretty fair to question the legitimacy of high iPad version prices when weeks later, they add the touted extra content to the, especially now, much cheaper iPhone version. Between this and the extreme price drops almost immediately after early adopters bought, there's some serious room for concern.

    • EastsideStompers

      I think the extra screen real-estate of an iPad is enough justification to bump the price up a bit. You're probably getting more out of your game than giving yourself shoulder ache bent over a tiny iPhone screen. I balanced better gaming experience with cost, and decided not to get an iPad as I know my bills would go through the roof.

  • rkbcp

    Awesome 😀 Downloading now. Gonna try it then. Thanks.

  • Reckless racing iPhone App

    There are various game modes available which offer different challenges. There's a straight Dirt Rally race against five other opponents, a Hotlap mode where you try to set your best time around the available tracks, or a Delivery mode that has you picking up packages and dropping them off at another point on the map. Most of my time is spent in the Dirt Rally race mode, since it’s straight up racing that I enjoy the most.