Black Friday has been increasingly insane this year, with fabulous door busters, and an incredible amount of sales available via online retailers. (If you haven't checked Amazon yet, get over there.) Most things are on sale at the Apple Store and MacRumors has a great list of other places with Apple products on sale.

We posted a massive list of sales yesterday morning, and almost all of those sales are still going. In addition, our new price drops, freebies, and deals forum is going strong with SirAwesome's awesome thread listing everything on sale, even things that weren't covered in our sale roundup. In addition, there's also a discussion thread in the same forum with people boasting their hauls from this massive App Store sale.

From all of us at TouchArcade, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving, a fabulous Black Friday, and a marvelous weekend filled with leftovers and tons of iOS gaming.

  • Benjamin

    Same to you guys!

  • MicroByte

    SirAwesome IS so awesome for his work on that thread, thanks!

    • SirAwesome

      Thanks ! 🙂 I'm trying to keep it up to date as possible. And woot front page mention again

  • Aequil

    I didn't see anything good on amazon, though...

    • Proximo

      Bought a PSP Little Big Planet bundle for $129 + $15 game credit (effectively $114) on amazon last night. So happy! 🙂

      They had pretty good deals on the iPod Touch this morning. I think the 8GB model was selling for $200 plus $20 gift card and 32GB was selling for $280 plus $20 gift card.

  • Mr. Gates

    Sword and Sorcery EP ???? What happened ? I'm dying for that game to come out !

    • sinie

      Me too!!

  • John

    Check out Comic Aquarium for iPad! on sale today!!

  • jason

    uhm isnt blackfriday not on the 13th... ever?

  • Yqwdjrtfs