Get pumped -- a huge update for Chu Chu Rocket! [$2.99, HD version $4.99] for iPhone and iPad is out! In a recent SEGA blog post, the publisher outlines the additions, which include a startling 100 new levels, all of which were created by fans in the original Dreamcast release of the game. Better UI arrow placement, Game Center support for the iPad, and improved multiplayer lobbies are coming, too in addition to Ghost Arrows for multiplayer play.

SEGA also talked fixes in the post. A rare launch crash bug has been squashed, the achievement bugs that made it impossible to unlock certain achievements has been addressed, the performance is said to have tweaked for the better, and now all Chu Chus can "be heard entering the Rocket in all modes!" Nice, right?

Chu Chu Rocket! is a reworked version of the title, totally compatible with touch screens. I'll note that it's pretty good, too, according to our review. Actually, wait, that's an understatement -- it's a great re-make of a Dreamcast classic that stands on its own with its new, more natural controls and stimulating puzzles. Check it!

  • ZildjianKX

    You might want to edit your post. They mentioned nothing about online play.

    Also, I feel ripped paying $6.99 for this game when version 1.0 was so buggy.

    • ph0lly

      That's why you wait for the inevitable price drip soon after release, almost all apps do it. It's good for people who can wait but not good for devs since lots of people wait for price drops. I think Apple should encourage devs to wait at least 6 months before there is a price drop to encourage people to actually buy games that are worth their asking price but are ignored because of the way the app store is, but whatever, it's good for me since I'm never in a hurry to buy anything on the app store.

  • Capone

    I'll probably buy it someday, but it's annoying that there's no online multiplayer yet. I mean, wasn't this the first game with online support for the Dreamcast back then?! :-/

  • alexling

    where are the extra 100 levels?