Now it's even easier to fit in a Monster Dash [$.99] quickie between boring work-related stuff like Mail checking and .PDF reading. A new update for the action platformer is now live on Apple's servers, adding "lightning speed" (read: much faster) App switching capabilities. Never get caught looking at Monster Dash instead of Hannah Montana fan fiction again, am I right guys? Oh, wait…

Halfbrick also let us know that Monster Dash is now a universal app courtesy of this update and, according to the studio, the game has been completely optimized for play on the tablet. I've spent some time with this version and can confirm that it works just as well as its iPhone and iPod Touch counterparts. Go nuts if you already own it.

But should you grab Monster Dash for the first time, you might be asking yourself? It's always best to check our review first when it comes to such things, but trust me here (Spoiler Alert!) Monster Dash is a wicked awesome iOS joint. Its blend of run-and-gun, whacky guns, lightheartedness, and survival platforming (think Canabalt [$2.99]) is definitely worth your less-than-a-dollar, silly head.

  • RobotsvsWizards

    Sweet - very nice addition
    My fav game for when im stuck in I mean in line at the bank!

  • Nick Papageorge

    Damn... Halfbrick, you just earned more respect from me than you can imagine.

    Universal Support? I think I can entirely forgive you for Fruit Ninja HD's enormous price.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    • swarmster

      It was very nice to see Halfbrick do something like this. I understand Age of Zombies is universal, too. Not sure I'm ready to forgive for Fruit Ninja, since it still isn't universal and they're still charging $5 for the double-dip. But these developments do make me a little less hesitant to support them in the future.

      And, I mean, Monster Dash is awesome.