Way back in March of this year at GDC 2010, we spent some hands-on time with the upcoming sequel to GameResort's popular game Downhill Bowling [$2.99/Lite], appropriately titled Downhill Bowling 2. The original game was a pretty odd concept, but ended up being really fun and well suited to iOS device gaming.

In Downhill Bowling, you controlled a bowling ball using tilt as it careened down an outdoor track filled with 10 sets of pins. Using your momentum from barreling downhill, you would aim the ball for each set of pins while also collecting coins and powerups spread around the track. Your total amount of pins knocked down is tallied up at the end of each of the 10 levels and added to whatever bonuses you were able to collect.

Playing Downhill Bowling is an oddly satisfying experience, and it still holds up really well even today. The sequel looks to keep the core concept intact while adding brand new levels, powerups, and a new jumping ability. This new (extremely brief) teaser video for Downhill Bowling 2 gives a glimpse at what the game will be like:

Originally slated for a Summer release, Downhill Bowling 2 is now supposed to hit this December as a free to download ad-supported game. I'm not entirely sure if that means the extra development time went to adding more features than what was discussed with us earlier this year, but GameResort has started a thread in our forums that will likely include additional details in the coming weeks. We really liked the first game, and we'll be keeping our eye out for Downhill Bowling 2 hitting the App Store this December.