Modern Conflict [$.99, Lite] creators Gaijin Entertainment has announced its first self-published iOS title, an "action-packed" RPG called Braveheart. Don't get too pumped by the name alone -- this isn't a movie-related joint. No, it's a brand new IP based in the fantasy Britain lands where King Arthur and his knights ruled the universe.

In Braveheart, you'll play as Richard during his epic quest to find and recover the Holy Grail. Surprisingly, said relic isn't just sitting out in the open waiting to be found by the adventurous sort. According to Gaijin, "numerous enemies and monsters stand in your way and the Grail itself is guarded by a massive dragon!"

The developers have mentioned that Braveheart has 10 different weapons, a bunch of magical spells to use, and will offer "tons" of power-ups and bonuses that will help you reach the Grail. On a quasi-related note, the game's story will be presented in a comic book style via cut-scenes.

Braveheart is slated for release on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad this December. It looks pretty cool, and we can't wait to try it out.

  • Dendory

    Looks decent!

  • E_Domina

    looks a bit like diablo but with guns

  • araczynski

    dunno, not convinced, hopefully the ipad version looks funner. this just isn't doing it for me, then again, maybe the price will convince me...

  • x999x

    first i was like 😀
    then i was like :
    now i'm like .______.

  • Anonymous

    Looks good to me!

  • Noah

    Pretty sure there's already a video game out there named Braveheart. Won't be surprised if they are forced to change their name.

  • emi

    Do I always have to play these RPGs as a dude? Should have an option to play as female characters if the story can support it or for more fun, add a different storyline with female character. I only complain as I am a girl and love to play RPGs.

  • emi

    Bah! Even the default guest icon looks like a shadow of a dude or an extremely thick necked female with pixie hair...

    • EastsideStompers

      Have you got a DS? You might like Castlevania - Order of Eclesia. The main character is a woman. Doesn't really solve your current iPhone problemette though; )

    • EastsideStompers

      Oh yeah, there's Chaos Rings of course for iPhone, where you play a pair of characters, one male, one female. Very diplomatic!

  • KlickTock

    Plus - there's already a video game company called Gaijin Games who make Bit Trip Beat. Perhaps a bit of "googling" before naming things might be in order.

    • fov

      According to their website, Gaijin Games was founded in 2007. Gaijin Entertainment has been around since 2002. Just saying.

  • spidey

    dual stick? They just don't get old for me. Here the switching between weapons looks a tad too easy. There should be some lag there. Just hope there is some depth to the game.

  • Ben

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Please stop calling every game that let's you swap weapons an RPG.

  • Tina Aspiala

    OMG mixed historical people making brain explode. King Richard the Lionhearted + King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table + William Wallace of Scotland. And the guy looks like Conan the Barbarian. Aaaaaa...

  • Revatman

    they released it to the app store for a short time and then removed. i added it to my library on Nov. 20th.

    for whatever that's worth.

  • Bahhumbug

    It's free right now and fun to play.