Announced just a few days ago, Hooga is an upcoming action-platformer developed by iQuilibrium Studios and published by Chillingo. Being a huge fan of the Turbografx-16 and its flagship Bonk series, I couldn't help but think of Bonk when I watched the trailer for Hooga. The game will take place 4 across different environments that include grasslands, jungle, glaciers, and desert. More than 40 different enemy types and 16 bosses will try to impede your progress during play.

Check out the trailer and screens for Hooga below (click images to enlarge):

Perhaps what I was most impressed with from the video is the seemingly large array of moves and weaponry at your disposal in Hooga. Knives, axes, stones, boomerangs, and torches will all be part of your arsenal. Crystal will be integrated for leaderboard and achievement purposes as well. We don't have any more details for Hooga and a release date isn't set yet, but you can join the discussion of the game in our forums and we'll be keeping our eye out for Hooga hopefully in the near future.

  • therock13


  • Rudi

    This one looks really great.I was a big fan of Bonks adventure at the PC Engine(japanese version of Turbo Grafx).So I am very happy, that there will be soon a similar game for the iphone.

  • JohnSee

    It reminds me of the old school Joe and Mac games on the nintendo 😀

    The art style looks very cool, nice Chillingo

  • Robotron2084

    Yes, it is reminiscent of both Bonk and Joe&Mac. Bonk is my favorite platformer of all time, even over Mario and Sonic (yes, I actually owned TG16, Genesis and SNES back in the day).

    If this gets good feedback, I'm buying.

  • Adams Immersive

    Please, trailer-makers of the world... start with game-play! 20 seconds of text before the game is ever seen makes Jack a dull boy.

  • k88dad

    The PCE/TG16 was ahead of its time. Excellent pickup on eBay if you like retro gaming. Glad to see a Bonk clone on the iDevice.

  • Mmandich

    joe & mac also, ya noobs

  • Anonymous

    Yep, in fact, I thought it was Joe & Mac @ first glance. Hey, if it plays as good as either J&M or Bonk, I'm there.