Big Bucket Software's The Incident [$1.99, Lite] is a pixel-art powered junk climbing game that we enjoyed quite a bit in our review. And while Big Bucket could just ride out the wave of sales and positive response and then start full-on developing a sequel, it appears to be doing quite the opposite: putting more into The Incident. In fact, the team is readying a crazy update for the game that will make it possible to play via a TV. No, for real.

A recent post on Big Bucket's blog teases this cross-compatibility, which requires an iPad and an iPhone. According to the post, this update (which will be 1.3 if you're keeping score at home) will allow you to plug your iPad running The Incident into a TV as if it were an input device. Then, with a game-connected iPhone, you'll be able to control the action in the game as if the phone were an Xbox 360 controller.

The best part about all of this? Big Bucket has fiddled with the game's visuals to make sure they'll accommodate widescreen on our huge and ridiculous HDTVs. It's the future, guys. The future.

As the blog post notes, you'll have to own an iPad Dock Connector to VGA to make this work, or if testing goes well, an Apple component AV Cable. Also, note that this setup doesn't require you to touch your iPad beyond plugging it into your TV -- this is all controller, babe. Like I said, the future. Keep it up, Big Bucket!

  • Hackmodford

    Yes! More games should utilize this.

  • Charles Albert

    If this become a trend in iDevices gaming, it would be SWEET!

  • Charles Albert

    If this become a trend in iDevices gaming, it would be SWEET!

  • EastsideStompers

    So, do you need an HDTV to get this working?

  • Tobias Steinke

    But I guess you know that this is already possible with Chopper 2.

    • Anonymous

      The Pinball has a similar feature that lets you install an OSX app and control it with an iphone or ipad based controller. The effect is pretty sweet on any kind of big monitor (I don't even own a 'tv').
      That said I still prefer the iPad version, but for iPhone only people the big screen is way better.

  • Oliver Eichhorn

    When the iPad is connected to the TV via VGA or component, what about the sound?

    • Adams Immersive

      Apple’s component cable has audio jacks too, but their VGA does not. With VGA, you’d run a cable from the headphone jack or just use the iPad’s own speaker. Or, if you’re using an iPad dock, those have a (headphone-shaped) line-out jack separate from the dock connector.

  • Battle Born

    downloading based on that one picture alone.

  • Adams Immersive

    I’d love to see more (any?) iPhone/iPod/iPad games that connect to TV and use the SAME device as the controller. Your viewing distance would be limited by the cable, but it would still be fun—when you don’t have two devices.

    This would be workable only for certain kinds of games, I realize: swipe-controlled games mainly. Like Tetris, Pac-Man, and various scrolling shooters. Games where you’re not hitting a specific button or joypad area. (And tilt controls should probably be avoided due to cable stress.)

    And another setup I’d like: since the iPod Touch and iPhone can connect to TV, you could have a two-device setup without an iPad. Two iPods, or an iPod and an iPhone.

    • spiffyone

      AirPlay to Apple TV would be better than that, from both a usage standpoint and a cost standpoint. Apple TV to HDTV, iPhone/touch/Pad to Apple TV via AirPlay. Simple set up, and effective. Plus, the cost is a greatly mitigating factor as to the adoption of such a set up. An iPhone/touch + iPad set up, or two iTouch devices, or two iPhones is a lot more expensive than either of the three (phone, touch, or pad) + the Apple TV which is just $99.

      Then again, the best bet (if having apps, including but not limited to games, on your HDTV is what you want) is a new Apple TV with larger internal storage, a new Apple Remote, and more powerful processors than the current A4 (IMHO, Apple should use Apple TV as a first step toward eventual iPhone/touch/Pad processors as die sizes and energy requirements shrink over time). That way Atv would have its own unique apps.

  • Neven

    Tobias: Keep in mind that The Incident is fully conrtollable from the iPhone/iPod, menus and all. You don't need to touch the iPad at all once you've connected it.

    Adams: Apple's AV cables are pretty short, and the connector itself is pretty bulky. It's really quite awkward to play this way. In addition, this makes the UI and the setup complicated since now any device could be either a client or a server for the remote. The Options would quickly get confusing and crowded. Of course, this doesn't mean we won't eventually do it, but it's not a priority right now.

  • guest

    I have to agree with everyone else. Apple should pay these guys a handsome amount and take over the technology to let everyone else implement it in their apps. If this becomes a trend, iDevices might stand a serious chance competing against other video game consoles.

  • Hectorjoy

    Hmmm, I ponder, with the iOS 4.2 new feature to stream video to the Apple TV, can games, in theory, stream the game video into the TV while keeping control in the device?

    • Anonymous

      There is no reason they couldn't. In fact I remember reading somewhere that it had already been done with the beta. That is something I would truely love to see.

      • Stelph

        I disagree that plugging the iphone/iPad into your TV with a cable is the future, Id say airplay support/and Apple TV app for wireless connectivity is the future

  • Anonymous

    Agreed - more like this - awesome having this as an option.... take note hundreds of developers! 🙂