According to the Veteran's Day Wikipedia entry I just edited, Veteran's Day is a day in which "young Americans commonly pretend to listen to old people talk while they secretly fondle their phones." Being the expert that I am on this hallowed holiday, I know exactly why the entry makes a passing mention of phones -- the entire galaxy often celebrates Veteran's Day with handheld game sales. So, it is with great pleasure and honor that I bring you this post on the Internet about the sales the App Store is throwing today. And, boy, are there some good ones.

Zen Bound®, $2.99 Zen Bound is one of those unusual-in-a-good-way kind of games. I say this up front because this proceeding sentence, if you're not familiar with Zen Bound, is going to throw you for a loop: Zen Bound is a game about wrapping wooden figurines with rope. I know, I know. But tell you what, go ahead and give ye' old ZB a try. It's free today, as developer Secret Exit notes, in celebration of a Mac and PC version of the title, which is set for a November 16 release.

Tilt to Live, $2.99 Tilt To Live is one of those games that just keeps selling and selling, so I'm surprised there's a few dudes who don't have the reverse, top-down dual-stick shooter. As I mentioned this morning, Tilt To Live is good according to our review, so there's little reason not to grab it at its sub-one dollar price point.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I, $2.99 I heard on the Internet that Sonic fans are crazy. I'm not sure if that's accurate or not, but I'd kinda like to see Sonic 4 get into a many more people's hands just in case this is true. I feel like if I were successful in making this happen, I'd kinda be like the Scarecrow, minus the whole "gas" thing.

Geometry Wars™: Touch, $0.99 Geometry Wars was a surprise hit on Xbox Live Arcade during the Xbox 360's fledgling years, and while it's iDevice counterpart isn't bad, it's not quite as good as playing it with a real Xbox controller. Your finger tends to get in the way of the dual-shooter's action (especially on the iPhone). Still, sub-one dollar makes this really hard to pass on considering this universal game usually sits at six bucks.

ChuChu Rocket! HD, $0.99 A lot of people want a new Chu Chu Rocket title and the only way to make that happen is to give SEGA a lot of money… by buying ChuChu Rocket! and its HD counterpart on the App Store. Luckily, the price is just about right today.

Textropolis, Free Textropolis is a cool word game that may even help you expand your vocabulary. For example, today I told Eli that he was a "sadist" because he beats me all the time. I did good, right? Thanks, Textropolis!

Geared for iPad, Free Geared is a unique puzzle game that has you -- wait for it -- placing gears to solve puzzles. The iPhone version is great, and the iPad version is even better as the big screen makes moving and placing gears even easier.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, $1.99 THPS2 was the definitive skateboard game of its day, and to some extent, still is. It was designed for a physical controller, so you might not be able to string those infinite combos together on the iPhone as easily as you could the N64, but otherwise this isn't a game you should miss.

Whoa! Talk about Veteran's Day blowout. What are you grabbing today?

  • Bennett

    love your site, but I'd avoid making jokes
    about Veteran's Day being about "old
    people talking" and young people ignoring them.
    Watch some D-Day footage and get your mind

    • Hernsmith

      Actually avoid making jokes, they're usually derivative and not funny.

    • Adams Immersive

      I think the author would agree with you: the joke wasn’t in favor of young people who may ignore the day’s importance—it was against them.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Yes, I thought that was pretty clear. Apparently not!

      • Anonymous

        I disagree. The author even calls it a "hallowed holiday"

        Some respect should be shown. He even mentions editing the wikipedia article of today's holiday to state this (such "jokes" won't ever last in the wikipedia article anyway...)

      • Adams Immersive

        Just to be clear “hallowed” is a good thing, indicating respect. And he didn’t say he edited it to ADD the joke—he said he “knew why” the joke mentioned phones. That means he didn’t add the joke himself. Maybe he edited it to remove the joke, or maybe the Wikipedia tale was complete fiction, but either way, he didn’t deface WIkipedia and the joke (whether from him or someone else) isn’t against the holiday or the veterans. It’s against those who don’t appreciate the veterans’ service. I think maybe those people deserve a humorous attack 🙂

      • Scott Colbert

        agreed. People need to brush up on their reading comprehension, and stop looking for things to criticize.

      • Anonymous

        reading comprehension was always my worst area in standardized testing 🙁

        good thing i only need to comprehend code at my job 🙂

      • Trent Taylor

        It's not your fault at all, It's a matter of the writer not being clear.

        He says he edited the wikipedia entry and shows the quote. It's up to the reader to figure out if he edited the post to say that, to remove that, or just edited another section of that wikipedia entry.

        How you perceive that sentence affects how you read "hallowed". He could be completely serious but it's just as plausible that he's being sarcastic. Since we can't hear the inflection in written words we go back to his previous statement.

        Plenty of people had an issue with that line so you aren't alone

      • Anonymous

        i see! haha. ok. insert foot into mouth.

  • Silentcorp

    Larf! Sonic on sale at $6.99?!? I can't believe the price of that, isn't it only a few levels even?

  • FFred

    Since when is Tilt to Live a "reverse, top-down dual-stick shooter" - unless by reverse you mean it's not dual stick or a shooter.

  • Fuellger, as much as I love to arbitrarily argue about what the author did or didn't mean, I think it's important to say "holy crap, Zen Bound is FREE." I picked this up forever ago so I could get the soundtrack (which was very worthwhile), but this needs to be bought by all! And I grabbed Geometry Wars, despite some negative reviews. I loved it to death on the DS, and I think it'll fit nicely on my iPod Touch.

    • NightFalcon

      Your post. It needs more criticism.*

      By the way, that was sarcasm in case anyone wanted to criticize me.

  • B34$T

    That may have been the best writing I have seen all week :). I really like your writing style. Despite what the haters say, I liked the wikipedia joke.

  • iphone jon

    I need to know Brad. Are you the same Brad who writes news for Giant Bomb?

  • Aeq

    Why did everyone get upset because of a joke? Some of us doesn't give a crap about wars where no one we ever knew didn't die. Oh, and if you're gonna give me that bullshit about people dying for our freedom, just don't, because even a slightly rational being should be able to see that monetary gain has been the major factor of all wars.

  • Owen

    Aeq: dickhead

    • Aeq

      What? No arguments, just a random insult? Silly me for excepting a full sentence...

  • Owen

    What's that bit about tilt to live being a reverse top down twin stick shooter?

    It's, like, none of those things. Weird.