It's Wednesday, which means that 11:00 PM EST tonight there's going to be a whole slew of games appearing for download on the App Store. It's the same song and dance as every week, and if you live in an area where it's already Wednesday night or Thursday morning (like New Zealand) these games will already be available for download. Otherwise, wait a bit and as the world turns all of these games will slowly filter out to your regional App Store.

SteamBirds, 99¢ [Forum Thread] - The latest Flash port from Semi Secret Software, creators of Canabalt [$2.99] and Gravity Hook HD [$2.99]. The original flash game by Radial Games and Spry Fox can be played in its entirety online for free. SteamBirds is an odd game in that it's a turn-based aerial combat strategy game. You drag the trajectory of your planes around, and shoot down enemy planes. It's kind of surprising how well the gameplay works, because it initially seems so simple.

Stenches: A Zombie Take of Trenches, $1.99 [Forum Thread] - A zombified sequel of the zombie horde mode in Trenches [$1.99 / Lite], only this time as a full-fledged game. 200 waves of zombies are included, and there's plans for additional content and even multiplayer modes in the future.

Civilization Wars, 99¢ [Forum Thread] - This game seems to take strategic gameplay similar to Galcon [$2.99 / Lite] while adding several layers of customization via an RPG-style leveling system. There are a few videos available, but they're close to a year old now and might not entirely represent final gameplay. Either way, I thought games like Galcon worked well on the platform so Civilization Wars seems worth a look.

Spirits for iPad, $4.99 [Forum Thread] - This game seems a lot like Lemmings, only instead of assigning your individual lemmings various jobs, you have to get the spirits to the end of the level by controlling the wind to blow them about. You're able to create wind, as well as block wind, dig tunnels, and grow bridges. I'm really excited for this one.

In addition to all of these games, Gameloft is also releasing Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD [$6.99] for the iPad. I liked the original version quite a bit in our review, and if you were waiting for an iPad-specific version, tonight will be your chance to grab it. I'm sure there's other games that will pop up tonight, but as it stands, these are what we have our eyes on.